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May 15, 2018

The Body Shop Banana Shampoo and Conditioner review

Growing up, I never really liked bananas. I hated the texture of them and would only really tolerate them blitzed into a smoothie. But then I became an adult and realised that bananas are actually pretty ace.

Sure, the texture still isn’t my favourite thing, but I’ve grown accustomed to the taste and smell of a narney (OK maybe I’m not an adult), and they are pretty decent pre-gym fuel.

But I think my appreciation for bananas really hit a high point when I discovered The Body Shop’s banana haircare range.

It was coincidence really as I returned some products to a store and the staff member insisted I had to find replacement items for the exchange there and then (turns out this isn’t true), so I ended up picking the shampoo and conditioner products as extras. I had been on the lookout for a new shampoo or conditioner to sort out my dry and static tresses but wasn’t necessarily convinced these products were going to be the answer to my haircare prayers.

At £6.50 per bottle (250ml), these aren’t exactly cheap either – although I do usually purchase Aussie products so the price really isn’t that different. But let me tell you, I think that these two beauties are here to stay.

From very first use, both the shampoo and conditioner have made a difference to my hair. It now gets less static/frizzy, feels super smooth and looks lovely and shiny all day. I’ve used shampoos that boast about making your hair shiny before and they usually give you a few hours of glossy locks but the banana shampoo and conditioner both make my hair look shiny all the way through until the next wash.

The texture of both products is really creamy and indulgent, so when you’re washing and conditioning your hair it really does feel like a treat – and smells like it too. The banana scent does smell artificial, but I absolutely love it. They smell a bit like the foam banana sweets you can get, only the fragrance is more intense. Sadly the smell doesn’t seem to last after I’ve dried my hair but I can live with that!

Neither the shampoo or the conditioner leave that awful residue in your hair like some hair products do, and they never make my hair feel weighed down which some conditioners often do to my hair.

What I’ve found to be most impressive about using these products though is that usually with shampoos I have to mix it up and use a different one after a few uses as it doesn’t seem to work as well using the same one every time I wash my hair – but I’ve been using the banana one for a few weeks now without swapping out for another shampoo and my hair still looks and feels great.

I definitely recommend giving these products a go, particularly if your hair is looking a bit sorry for itself and needs some nourishment! You can get the shampoo in multiple size bottles from here (if you fancy giving it a go to see if it suits your hair, the 40ml is only £2.00), and you can get the 250ml conditioner here.

Let me know in the comments if you’ve tried these products before or you have any other haircare recommendations.

11 responses to “My New Favourite Shampoo & Conditioner”

  1. I use the banana shampoo myself and I agree with you that it makes my hair feel so lush and healthy; I’m currently using up another conditioner I bought (which I genuinely think is undoing the effect of the shampoo a little bit) but your post has definitely convinced me I should invest in the banana conditioner once that one runs out!


  2. These are my fave!! I have the hair mask too! You’ll find that they don’t cause build up as they are silicone free, so they will keep your hair feeling good every time you wash, and it’s not fake softness either as silicone products give the illusion of soft/glossy hair, when it’s not. The smell is so good I actually wanna eat it…bonus tip: I found the ‘Foam Banana’ shower gel in B&M for a pound and it smells as good as the shampoo & conditioner. It’s in the same range as the Bakewell Tart/Marshmallow shower gels…I highly recommend!

    • Cat says:

      They are so good because they leave zero residue behind – love them! Wish I had a B&M near me to get that foam banana shower gel because that sounds AMAZING!

      • They may do the shower gel in other places as it was an Imperial Leather one! I’ve gotten the Cherry Bakewell & Marshmallow ones from the supermarket, so keep a look out!! It’s worth the wait! xx

  3. I actually have never had banana (even just the scent) in my haircare or skincare. I’m intrigued by these two now as I am curious to have a banana scented haircare product.

  4. This is one of my favourite shampoo/conditioner combos!! I even bought them for my nan one Christmas because I think more people need to be using them!

    • Cat says:

      I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to try them but I really am in love! Contemplating buying for my mum as a gift as well!

  5. Nat says:

    Years ago I used to use the banana shampoo and I LOVED it so much! My boyfriend loved it more than me though I think. 😛

    It was amazing but I stopped using it on my hair as I felt like it wasn’t doing as much of a job as I needed it to for the price. However, my boyfriend still uses it to this day and it makes his hair lovely and soft. It grows so quickly too. 😀

    • Cat says:

      That’s a shame it stopped working for you! Might be worth going back to everyone once in a while though just for a treat :)!

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