The Body Shop Argan Oil Shower Gel & Body Scrub

The Body Shop Argan Oil Shower Gel and Scrub
Why yes, it’s yet another review of The Body Shop products! I don’t seem to buy anything else these days as I’m pretty much always delighted with the results TBS products bring.
When the Wild Argan Oil products were first launched, I was especially keen to get my mitts on the Rough Scrub. I’ve been looking for a decent body scrub for a while, and I was also in need of some new shower gel. Then along came a The Body Shop event offer and the rest is history…
So, what’s the verdict on these 2 items?

Argan Oil shower gel
Let’s start with the shower gel, shall we? The consistency and colour of this shower gel did remind me of pure oil and I was worried it would make my skin really greasy. The smell also wasn’t the most appealing of all the ranges, but it grew on me quite quickly once applied.
Luckily, this lovely product made my skin feel lovely and soft, and not greasy at all. I have to try and resist using it every time I shower because the bottle has gone down significantly since I took the above photo!
Argan Oil body scrub
Close up argan oil rough scrub

Onto the body scrub…the real hero here. This stuff is amazing. The granules are pretty rough, and when scrubbing onto my skin my fingers even started to feel like they were numbing!

The roughness is totally worth it though, as even my sensitive skin reaps big benefits from using this product. Much like the shower gel, my skin feels super soft and there’s no redness from the scrubbing. It feels amazingly luxury, and is a real treat to use. The softness lasts throughout the day too!

I’d definitely recommend both of these great products, and I am already eyeing up a few other products in the range, particularly the body butter.

Have you tried any products from the Wild Argan Oil range? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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