The Blogger’s Guide To Formulating A Promotion Plan

Blog Promotion Plan Guide

Whether your blog is just a hobby or a job aspiration, eyeballs on your posts makes you feel all gooey and warm inside right? Well it does me!

Obsessively checking your stats on Google Analytics can either be an amazing experience as the numbers rise, or disheartening if they maintain or even drop.

The key to making sure your blog reaches more people comes down to several elements which include SEO, design and the way in which you share your posts on this here ol’ Interwebs.

Today I wanted to share with you lovely people a method I have began to adopt with my blog to make things a little more organised.

Whilst my traffic numbers are nothing to write home about, I have definitely seen an increase in numbers since taking the scheduling and promotion of my posts so seriously!

It All Starts With A Schedule

It’s a well known but sometimes forgotten fact that having a consistent schedule helps your readers to know when to expect new posts.

It’s a mildly controversial topic, and it really depends on what you want to do (as all things bloggy do), but if you do want to start having posts go live on consistent days, then I personally recommend aiming for 3 posts a week.

I myself have recently started sticking to Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This will probably change eventually, as I’m sure I’d get more traffic if I published posts at the weekend.

My point here: Keep it realistic – however many posts you think you can fit into a week (every week) is your magic number. For those that blog daily, I salute you.

Once you have your posting plan, you can start scheduling. I find it easy most weeks to schedule posts for the following week ahead of time, but I know some bloggers like to blog off the cuff. Whatever works.

So now you have your schedule planned for the posts themselves, how about getting some structure into your promotion?

Creating A Promotion Plan

A few weeks back, I decided to bring a little bit of what I do at work home. I have created promotion plans of a sort for clients for a little while now, so I consider myself  to have at least an inkling of an idea on how to put something together that may just increase exposure.

Anyway…I started with a blank Google Sheets spreadsheet, and began mapping blog post titles for the next couple of weeks. This included a Friday Faves each week and 2 other posts. Totally manageable, y’know?

Next up, I thought about which social channels I use to promote my blog – Twitter, Facebook, Google+, and Pinterest.

I planned to have at least 1 post on Twitter, Facebook or G+ a day as an absolute minimum. Not always promoting my latest posts, but sometimes posts from the archives. To mix things up I thought I’d also have some updates go out that promoted my ‘Blogging Tips’ board on Pinterest and also posts once a week sharing other blogs that I enjoyed reading.

There’s a few other bits mixed in as well to ensure I’m not just pumping out posts directing people to my blog. I want to add value and share interesting things with my followers as well.

It might sound like a lot of stuff to think about, but if you get into a weekly routine, it makes things much easier. For example, every Thursday you might decide to share a Pin on Twitter, or every Sunday a post from the archives on Facebook. There’s no harm in posting the same updates on several platforms, but I recommend shaking it up from time to time!

A sure-fire way of scheduling these updates weeks in advance is using Buffer. This tool also allows you to view Analytics of your updates, helping you see what types of social media posts perform best.

To get a good idea of how to start your blogging promotion plan, I’ve put together a Google Sheets template for you to use yourself. I’ve added a few ideas directly to cells as well.

Downloadable promotion template

(Remember to save a copy for yourself rather than working directly from this sheet!)

Any tips or techniques to share if you have your own promotion plan? Or perhaps you have some questions? Let me know below in the comments!



  1. Lotty Marie

    Great post, I'm very slowly learning about scheduling posts I'm struggling to find a pattern at the moment and I've started using Hootsuite which is not an easy tool to master but I'm getting there.

  2. Tammingtons

    This is fantastic, thank you. I need to schedule and plan or I struggle to keep on too of things. I'll be downloading tomorrow when I'm not on a mobile.

    Tammi x

  3. Cat Fyson

    You're more than welcome! Yeah getting into a pattern that works is a challenge, you just have to be adaptable and test what works best for you 🙂 I use Buffer and Tweetdeck as I don't really like Hootsuite x

  4. Beth

    Your posts are fantastic! I do lots of work around promotional/marketing plans in work too but never get around to doing them for myself… I should definitely look into this x

  5. Cat Fyson

    Aww thank you! That's really lovely of you. Sometimes it is hard to find the time to focus on your own stuff when you are busy with it at work!

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