Sorry for shouting but as I type this it’s a Tuesday night and it’s all I can do keep myself *awake*. The days are starting to get that little bit darker and I’m ngl, the change in daylight has a pretty instant effect on me.

So I’ve been blogging here on more about cat since 2013 and for better or worse, I have made a lot of decisions to attempt to steer this little slice of internet in the “right” direction. Not all of those decisions turned out to be good ones. So for a little bit of fun, or y’know to help you not make bad decisions too, here are the best AND worst decisions I’ve made for my blog.

The best decisions

Investing in my own domain and hosting

I could wax lyrical about how getting your own domain and hosting makes your blog look more professional but tbh, the real reason I did it was to give me a kick up the bum to take it more seriously.

I’m glad I did put the money into it though as it has made me more determined to work on improving it knowing that actual real money that I earn is being poured into it. Admittedly not a lot (unless you count all the blog props and whatnot that I buy…), but still.

Buying a design template

If I could code, I would totally design my blog top to bottom. But I can’t. So instead, I put some money into paying for a swish but flexible template. Sure, it’s a template that LOADS of other bloggers are probably using, but it’s customisable enough to still make it my own.

Saying no to the niche

There are a lot of differing opinions online about whether your blog should have a niche, and maybe I’d be rolling in money if I’d picked a singular topic to blog about but OMG THAT WOULD BE SOOOO BORING.

I can’t stand the idea of confining myself to particular topics – sure there are things that regularly come up in my posts such as blogging tips and mental health updates but having a lifestyle blog means that one day I can blog about my favourite food and the next about the films I saw at the cinema lately.

I’ve always wanted this blog to be something I can look back at when I’m older like a diary, and sticking to a niche would’ve seriously restricted me. In fact, I don’t think this blog would still exist if I had never branched out.

The worst decisions

Staying on Blogger for so long

Don’t get me wrong, Blogger is not the worst platform in the world but it was SO easy to move over to WordPress that I just wish I’d done it sooner.

I’d have learnt more about the platform quicker which would have also helped me in my job. But hey, we’re here now and LOVING IT.

If you are considering moving away from Blogger, I highly recommend it. I worked with my hosting provider who did all the technical bits for me and didn’t charge for the migration at all. I went with Tsohost in the end and always recommend them to others. Here’s a cheeky affiliate link that will get you 10% off of hosting if you use the code MOREABOUTCAT.

Not keeping up with photography

This is probably one of my deepest regrets, as photography has really taken off in the blogging world, not just on our own blogs but also our IG grids.

Whilst my photography and editing isn’t *terrible*, it would be a hellova lot better had I bothered to learn my DSLR manual settings. Now I just use a compact on auto and it’s a shame because I’ll probably never get my photos as nice as my fave bloggers/’grammers.

There we have it, the best and worst decisions I’ve made for this little blog! I’d love to know what yours are?