The BBQ Weekender

Didn’t we have a beautiful weekend here in the UK?! The weather was glorious. I was half expecting downpours of rain to dampen our trio of BBQs we had lined up. Yup, three in a row.
On Friday night, we had our friends Emma and Nick over for a post-work feast. Unfortunately, as fun as it was, it was a bit of a fail! Me and Liam have only recently got a BBQ as a gift from his mum, and what I had failed to realise (having not seen the box) was that it was a flat pack that needed some serious building. So serious, that when Emma and Nick arrived, they had to help us finish building it!
Then, after hours of hard work the damned thing wouldn’t light (we think the fire lighters had gotten damp in the shed and were no longer working!) So, we had to have an indoor oven BBQ instead. Still yum.

 Liam goofing around whilst Emma and Nick do all the work!

Team work makes the dream work.

Liam looking very confused by the instructions!
These rosemary potatoes are getting a little too addictive now!
Moving on to Saturday, our second BBQ was thankfully not hosted my us (understandably our confidence in BBQing took a hit on Friday!). Every year, the street that Liam’s family lives on have a BBQ all together where everyone brings a bit of food and we all share (that includes puddings… there were so many puddings). 
This year was the 30th anniversary of the street’s existence, and so champers was naturally consumed…
Me and Liam played giant Jenga. I won 3-1! He was too much of a risk taker… look at him taking a block from the very bottom….madness!

Every year there’s an egg throwing competition (we’re yet to win…) – it may sound silly but it’s always a lot of fun!

A celebratory drink…does anyone else love champagne with raspberries? Is this normal? It just tasted so, so right.
And so, we move into Sunday! We were playing hosts again (with much better success this time…we let our friend Mark take over the BBQ!), with 3 of our friends coming over for the afternoon to eat, drink and play Cards Against Humanity
Pre-meat overload snacks. 

Our location for the afternoon. I was sat in the sunniest position all day and now I resemble a tomato.

Post-meat overload. 
How did you spend the past weekend?

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