The Battle Of The Burger: Gourmet Burger Kitchen Vs Five Guys

Is Gourmet Burger Kitchen or Five Guys better

You guys know how I love to blog about the important stuff. The questions on everyone’s lips.

To clear up this debate (which is very, very important), I did the hard part for you lot and recently dined at Five Guys at Covent Garden, and the new GBK branch in Chichester to see which faired better. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!

For fairness (and personal preference), I opted to order a cheese burger, strawberry milkshake and fries from each. Because science. Let’s see how they compared…

The Restaurant

I’d never been to Five Guys before, but have been to several GBK branches (although it was my first time at the new one in Chi).

I think it’s fair to say that Five Guys is confusing as hell. The whole ordering, then getting your drinks from elsewhere and waiting for your food to be handed to you in a greasy paper bag with the burgers wrapped in foil was all very alien to me. Maybe it’s an American thing. Either way, it was friggin’ weird, and loud and intense waiting for our food. It was relatively quick though, considering how many people were there.

In comparison, GBK is pretty standard in that it’s the same system as Nandos – you get seated, you go up to the tills to order and you pay upfront. I like this system as it means you aren’t waiting a decade for your bill. At the Chichester store, I did feel the server was SUPER INTENSE as she was overly bubbly and was trying her best to cram in all the information about burgers to upsell and whatnot, but I still felt more relaxed than the loud bustling Five Guys experience.

The Milkshake

First things first, maybe a milkshake is not the most commonly ordered drink alongside a burger (probably because of ALL OF THE BLOAT), but seeing as they both serve milkshake, and I love it, it had to be done.

Both taste like they are made from real ice cream, which is definitely a plus. To be honest, there wasn’t enough of a difference between the two to fairly judge one above the other. but if you had a gun to my head and made me choose, I’d opt for the Five Guys shake just because it was less thick and the ice cream had melted better.

The Fries

I kind of knew Five Guys fries weren’t going to compare to GBK’s skinny ones because those are da bomb. Especially with that crazy delicious salt on them.

Speaking of salt, Five Guys chips were pretty good too, but absolutely coated in salt in the same way Maccy D’s chips are. It makes them super moreish, but nothing special. The portion size at Five Guys was pretty insanely huge though.

The Burger

So, to the important bit! The burger. At Five Guys, you can choose your fillings for free, otherwise they’ll just give you the patty and cheese (obv if you order the cheeseburger). This is good, but also puts you on the spot a bit when you’re used to the usual bits being in there. The upside was that I didn’t have to pick out the tomato or gherkins, the downside was that when you ask for ketchup you get ALL OF THE KETCHUP. Seriously, so much ketchup.

Overall, the Five Guys burger left a lot to be desired. Considering how people harp on about FG, I expected the burger to be crazy delicious. In reality, it wasn’t any better than a Maccy D’s. It was nice enough, but didn’t really agree with me as my stomach hurt a little for the rest of the day. Perhaps this was milkshake + burger bun bloat but we’ll never really know so let’s blame the burger.

GBK’s patties however, are much better. My burger was cooked medium rare as requested, and it’s a lovely width where it’s not too filling but not pathetic either. The cheese was delicious too, and the bun definitely tasted fresher than Five Guys.

I think the overall verdict is pretty obvious – GBK still owns my heart. You win, GBK!

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  1. alice gorman

    i love GBK and haven’t been to FG yet – my boyfriend and i tried to go a few months ago but they were cooking their chips in peanut oil and he’s allergic to nuts so went somewhere else. Blew my mind though just don’t understand alienating a whole load of people! the chips sound pretty special though!x

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      To be honest, FG isn’t really worth being annoyed about…GBK is much better and I don’t think it’s likely I’ll go back to FG any time soon! x

  2. Lisa Mae

    That’s so surprising! I love Five Guys, though I’ve never been to GBK. Try Shake Shack or Honest Burger next time you’re in London – they’re my favourite burgers!

    1. Post
      Cat Fyson

      I just found Five Guys burgers to be a bit too much on the greasy side – but their chips are really tasty! I’ve heard good things about SS and Honest Burger so will definitely have to check them out on my next London trip! x

  3. Jennifer

    tbh…i have been to both and i would not say the five guys burger was any better…
    it definitely depends on the branch (i went to the one in Guildford) and the combination of fillings…
    plus dont know about anyone else but i found the chips at gbk to not be anything amazingly special
    ON THE OTHER HAND….the gbk sweet pot chips were INCREDIBLE and the baconnaise and garlic mayo were an absolute favourite…..
    oh and btw…the having the bacon cheesburger at five guys makes the difference cos of the bacon done in the peanut oil …cant taste peanuts but makes it a hellofalot better
    i am just trying to choose between a milkshae at five guys or at gbk
    ive had five guys oreo(honestlyjustgetitsogood) and their salted caramel….
    i have fomo!

    1. Post

      I really like GBK’s chip options…the skinny fries are my favourite though! Their sweet potato ones are amazing too though! I like the strawberry milkshake at GBK but I find it fills me up and there’s no room left for burger!

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