The Art Of Being Brilliant Review

The ‘Self Help’ section of Waterstones is one that is often pretty empty. There’s rarely a single soul cautiously flicking through the pages of a book that promises to change their life (and this is coming from someone who worked at Waterstones for a little while a few years ago).

All this changed some time ago when myself and a good friend of mine, Emma, practically ran towards the section in the Chichester store. Why? Well I can’t speak for Emma, but for me it was because I felt I needed a kick up the bum to improve my outlook on things. There’s no shame in that at all, honestly.

So, after standing there flicking through a few books (and laughing at ourselves a bit for doing so), I ended up picking up this little treasure – The Art Of Being Brilliant by Andy Cope and Andy Whittaker.

The book is all about having a more positive outlook on life by following six principles that are all really common sense, but we forget them in the fog of being negative about things.

It thankfully avoids being too technical, and instead shares relatable advice, case studies, humour and quotes from people such as J.K Rowling and Barack Obama. It’s all about making the most of what we have, and who we are, so it’s not designed to tell you to change who you are as a person.

I first started reading the book some time ago, and for some reason only made my way through the first few chapters before pretty much forgetting about it. It wasn’t until recently I picked it up again, as I definitely felt I needed some more sunshine and happiness in my life, so I started reading it on my commute into work.

If you’re going to read a book like this – I highly recommend absorbing its words at the beginning of your day. It will reset your mindset and urge you to find the positives, even if it is 6:30am in the morning, your train was delayed and it’s freezing cold. Trust me, this is from experience!

The Art Of Being Brilliant has cute little illustrations throughout, as well as exercises where you can write straight into the book – and best of all, once you finish it, there’s a section at the end which gives you tips on how to answer some of these exercises, so you can go back and check how you did. There’s no right and wrong here – but you can see if your thoughts and feelings are generally in the right place!

I’d recommend giving this book a go if you are in need of a reminder of how to be the most brilliant version of yourself. It’s only £4.75 on Amazon (damn it, I got mine for twice that price in Waterstones!), so an absolute billy bargain if you fancy giving it a try!

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