The Adventures Of Moving Home

Excuse the mess folks, we’ve just moved home! This is our new living room pretty much in its current state. I took this photo a few days ago when we had first finished unloading everything. 
This selection is largely clothes, comic books and the odds and ends that you never remember you have until you have to unpack it all. As I glance around the front room now, it actually looks messier than this picture!
I thought I’d give you lovely lot a glimpse into the adventures of our move – from perilous packing to minute mishaps. Enjoy!

Please excuse the awful formatting, Blogger hates putting images next to each other! 
Picking up the keys is always really exciting. We actually had a bit of a stressful experience at first as we drove to the letting agent to pick them up, running about 10 minutes late already, to then be called and told we were meant to be meeting them at the property!
One of the many boxes packed. I thought this one was really reflective of my interests though – Breaking Bad, The Joker, Harry Potter and Paperchase goodies!

We foolishly thought that a large towel, plastic tray and some kitchen roll would be enough to stop the spillage from defrosting the fridge freezer.

It wasn’t. All that kitchen roll and those old magazines were drenched!

Liam’s car packed full of stuff – we had to make so many trips back and forth with his car and his Mum’s (plus the mini van my parents rented, and the large removal van for all the big furniture….what? We have a lot of stuff!)
Liam worked so hard helping out with the heavy lifting, that he really did deserve a kip on the armchair and a cuddle with the cushion. Bless.

We’ve been lucky enough to get several moving gifts from family, and these beautiful yellow roses from my Mum were a lovely surprise.
This is the second time me and Liam are moving into our own place together, and we have a bit of a tradition now of taking a mirror selfie the day we move in. I don’t know why, it just happens. There’s several outtakes too that may grace this blog one day….(probably not!)

Some assembly required. Me and Liam’s Mum built a flat pack bathroom cabinet, whilst Liam and his Mum’s partner worked on their own home improvements!

Liam’s family dog Bailey wanted to get involved and help us move. He kept moving about (until he got knackered and had a little sleep in the afternoon), so that’s why the picture is so blurry!

Whenever you move into a new place, at least 10 things won’t quite go to plan. Our ‘major’ disaster was the washing machine. It was all set up and plugged in, but midway through washing our new towels (hence some blue dye on the kitchen roll on the floor) the fuse blew out and the washing machine power went kaput.

Of course, me and Liam didn’t know the fuse had blown, so cue a phone call to my Dad to come and resolve. Luckily it’s all working fine and dandy now!

Another lovely house warming gift, again from my Mum. After the difficult time we had in our old flat with noisy neighbours and damp problems, we really do hope this will be our Happy Place. So far so good, minus all this awful weather cancelling my commuter trains!


Our new oven. I had to download instructions on how to use it. It has so many different knobs (giggidy!), but it’s huge and once we have shelves for it (the landlord only left a grill tray but we’re getting some ordered for us), we will be able to cook lots of lovely food for people.

Or just us, at least until our sofas arrive. We currently have to make do with two arm chairs from our old place which we cannot wait to get rid of!

After several nights of takeaways and ready meals, I finally gave in to trying the oven out for the first time by using the grill for sausages which were bought from the local farm shop. They were quite nice, but we were both mainly grateful for reintroducing veg to our diets!

Our next step is to finally get round to unpacking everything. As we’re both working full time, this is pretty much reserved for the weekend. Once we’re all unpacked and settled – and the sofas are here, I’ll be able to blog more often and share photos of our new home. Stay tuned!

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  1. Angela

    Oh, congratulations on your new home! I love the happy place blocks on the windowsill, and I hope it'll be exactly that for you guys. Your new oven looks fab, btw, I'm quite jealous!

  2. Cat Fyson

    Thank you! We're pretty pleased 🙂 I love it too – looks great in our kitchen.

    The oven is a bit complex at the moment whilst we get used to it, but it is rather funky! x

  3. Rachael

    Congrats on moving into your new home. We're in the process of buying our first and I dread to think about how to pack yet along move 800 plus vinyl records plus all my stock yet along anything and everything else! I'm more stressed about the moving stuff part than the buying part I think!

  4. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun! Well if it's any conciliation, Liam had over 500 DVDs/blurays in the living room alone, add the several hundred more in our spare room (I don't even know how many we have in total!). The moving part is stressful, but totally worth it. We had so many issues in the old place that are no longer a problem where we are now! Best of luck with the house hunting x

  5. Terri Lowe

    I hateeee moving house!! I lived in the same place until I was 22 at the family home, then since going to uni I must have moved about 8 times – each time the amount of stuff gets bigger and bigger!! I would say it helps to organise everything in to the correct boxes for each room but I would be lying, as I STILL have boxes under my bed which have never been sorted and put away in 12 months!

  6. Cat Fyson

    It is damn frustrating most of the time – I imagine even worse on your own. I swear going to Uni makes you move more often than you really need to, I know I did.

    Haha I had that plan of separating stuff by room…definitely didn't happen. You get to that point where you just find random stuff lying around and throw it in the nearest box or bag. We've been hunting for memory sticks. I know we packed them, but literally no idea where.

  7. Emma Farley

    Ugh, moving is so stressful! I feel your pain with the damp etc. Our first place was full of damp and we were there 18 months. We moved three times in two years, accumulating so much extra stuff on the way. But hopefully we'll be here for at least two years.
    It's changed quite a bit in the nine months since we moved. Wow, can't believe it's been that long already!

  8. Cat Fyson

    Living around damp is horrid isn't it? The letting agents also tried to make it our fault, but the building had such poor ventilation!

    I can see those photos – looks lovely! Must be so nice to have a place to be proud of 🙂

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