The A-Z Of Me

Hi! I thought I’d scare you with my mug pulling a silly face before divulging in an A-Z all about me, me, me. After all, when I read your blogs I love finding out about the person behind the posts!
So, without further adieu – let’s get cracking!

A – is for ambitious. When it comes to my career, I like to aim high!

B – is for blogger – obviously! I blog by day for my job, and I blog by night and at weekends for fun!

C – Christmas. My absolute favourite holiday for sure because I love seeing family and enjoy the fact it’s a holiday for pretty much anyone (if you celebrate it that is)

D – Dalmatians. I was obsessed with 101 Dalmatians as a kid (the animated one), so much so that my Mum decorated my room with spots and even custom made a headboard shaped like my favourite pup from the film! When I was a bit older, we got our first dalmatian, Zoe – then 2 years later we got Domino. Zoe sadly passed away recently, but lived to the tender age of 14!

E – Education, education, education. I’ve always been super passionate about continuing to learn even beyond University. At Uni I did a BA Hons in Journalism with Media Studies and got a 2:1. Graduation = Proudest day ever!

F – France. The country I have visited the most times (aside from this one of course). I went once or twice on a school trip, and regularly accompanied family on trips to the hypermarkets where I would get the most delicious chocolate discs!

G – has got to be for Graphic Novels. I never thought I’d get into the format, but I love them and am not ashamed to say I’ve read a lot more of them than I have ‘ordinary’ books over recent years!

H – is for hair! The colour in the above picture is my natural colour, but I’ve dyed it blonde (both underneath in my emo days and all over in my early Uni days!), red, black (for a fancy dress party where I went as Gerard Way from My Chemical Romance – true story), and at one stage it was slightly tinted green – this was not deliberate.

I – Ideas. Something I often have too many of and not enough time to do with. I try to keep a pen and paper on me as much as possible, or I’ll make notes on my phone of blog titles, to do list stuff and more!

J – is for Jelly and how much I hate it. The way it moves, tastes and feels in my belly makes me feel ill.

K – Kettle. Something I’m never too far away from due to my need to drink tea almost every day!

L – I’ve got to say Liam, really haven’t I? 4 and a half years stuck with me.

M – Make up. I very rarely wear it (as you can probably tell from the photo!)

N – New Theatre Royal – my first job in the digital marketing world.

O – is for origins. I was born in Leamington Spa hospital in Warwickshire, and have moved home more times than I can count! I’m happy to stay where I am now for a long time though.

P – Petite. I’m just under 5 foot. Honestly.

Q – is for quiet. Peace and quiet. It’s nice sometimes, isn’t it? I’m quite happy sometimes just sat and absorbing the silence. Plus, I find it really hard to sleep with noises around. If there’s a ticking clock in the same room, I have to find a way to move or muffle it!

R – Rosebery, the all girl high school I went to – not the greatest memories but played a big part in shaping who I am today!

S – Strawberries, my favourite fruit in the whole world.

T – Trouble, my favourite TV channel as a teen – does anyone remember it?!

U – Unique. We would all like to think we’re unique, despite what Tyler Durden says in Fight Club. I try and show my uniqueness through this blog and also try to avoid conforming to ‘the tropes of a blogger’.

V – Vodka. The first alcohol I ever had was a flavoured vodka shot. It was tasty, but now I’m more of a Jack Daniels kinda gal.

W – Winter, probably my overall favourite season as there’s lots of birthdays and excuses to drink hot chocolate and wrap in chunky jumpers all the time!

X – X Rays (I can’t think of anything else…), of which I have never had one!

Y – is for Young, my original surname when I was born (my Mum’s maiden name). My parents got married when I was 3.

Z – must be Zodiac – I’m a Scorpio. Not that I believe in any of that stuff!

Have you done an A-Z post? Share your link in the comments.

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  1. Becci Charlton

    Aww I love this post, it's so much fun to read. I love Dalmations too, 101 Dalmations was one of my favourite films when I was younger. I've got a post coming up tomorrow about TEA so keep your eyes peeled 😉

    I think I'm going to give this A-Z post a try myself!

    x x

  2. Cat Fyson

    Thanks for your comment hun – and glad you enjoyed the post. It was a lot of fun to write.

    Dalmatians are by far the best dog breed, am I right?!

    I will definitely be on the lookout for your post – anything to do with tea always gets my attention!

    Definitely give the post a try, would love to see what you choose for each letter x

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