The 52 Lists Project Catch Up

In order to catch up with all the lists I’ve missed whilst I was unwell (hence the unwelcome break from blogging), I thought I better collate the lists so I’m not spamming the blog with new posts!
So, onwards and upwards –  here’s the lists I missed!

List #33 – things you see right now (but actually several weeks ago when you originally wrote this post).

1. An old film on the TV that Liam is watching
2. My laptop, of course
3. A small pile of eBay packages to be sent off this week
4. A glass of water
5. An empty bowl which was previously full of yummy grapes

… so nothing particularly thrilling, really!

List #34 – The dreams/goals you had as a child

1. To be an author – well, I do author my own blog and write for a living – *self high-five!*
2. To be a teacher. This still interests me a bit, but not as much as when I was young
3. To own *lots* of animals…I’d now be happy with just one dog or cat!

I’m sure there were lots more, but I can’t remember them at all!

List #35- list the items in your weekly shop
1. Chicken, which makes up about 80% of our dinners… it’s just the easiest!
2. Chocolate! Although I am trying to be better again and opt for Slimming World friendly treats (namely Muller Light yoghurts, the Toffee is yummers!)
3. Bottled water. Yeah, we’re suckers who pay for water, but it does taste better than tap…
4. Chopped tomatoes – these go in a lot of what I cook! As does garlic and onion…
5. Cheese. I am a total cheese fiend. In my fridge I currently have halloumi, reduced fat cheddar, low fat soft cheese and Extra Light Dairylea triangles! Plus the parmesan in the cupboard too. 
There’s a lot of other boring things that make my list…I tried to make it more interesting, but we really are quite boring!
List #36- your morning weekday routine
1. Get up at 6:45am when my alarm goes off.
2. Get ready for work, and pointlessly brush my hair even though it’ll be a mess again when I arrive
3. Make sure I have everything packed that I need – I have to take in (and bring home, obviously) my work laptop every day so I need to double check the charger is there too!
4. Head on out the door to catch the train at 7:22am, hoping and praying it isn’t delayed or cancelled.
5. Sit amongst fellow commuters trying not to catch their germs for 30 minutes.
6. Get off the train and climb the hill to work – grab a glass of water or cup of tea on the way to my desk to recover from such early morning exercise.
List #37- the things that bring you comfort

1. Friends and family
2. Comfort food… especially chocolate
3. My fluffy blanket
4. Fresh flowers
5. Cups of tea, and hot chocolates

Send me your links to your 52 Lists posts in the comments below.

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    Lists are awesome. I hardly ever complete anything on a to do list but they're fun to write. Chocolate and hot chocolate are two things I will need to get me through autumn & winter. x

  2. Cat Fyson

    Everyone loves a good list! Especially bloggers…

    I'm the same, I make huge lists of ideas, most of which end up being panned or forgotten about.

    I am eating so much chocolate at the moment, and it's not even wintery out yet! x

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