Syn Free Healthy Magic Oat Pancakes

Syn Free Magic Pancakes with Nutella and fruit
So Shrove Tuesday is a distant memory, but personally I feel everyday should be Pancake Day, right? It’s by far the best day dedicated to a food. 
As most of you know, I have been on the Slimming World EE (Extra Easy) plan since the beginning of this year, and have lost half a stone so far (yay!), so naturally I was slightly concerned that my love for pancakes was going to cause me to put all those pounds back on. 
But I needn’t have worried – because syn free pancakes are a thing. For those not on SW, this is a big deal. They are basically oat pancakes, but I swear to you they taste even better than regular pancakes because you can eat loads of them without feeling like there’s a breeze block sitting in your stomach afterwards. They’re lovely and light, easy to make and the ‘batter’ stretches to make between 10-15 mini oaty pancake joys.
On to the recipe!


35g porridge oats (for SW plans, this is your Healthy Extra B)
170g tub Total 0 yoghurt 
2 medium eggs
2 tablespoons Nutella (4 syns on SW EE)


In a mixing bowl, combine the porridge oats and yoghurt with a wooden spoon. Really mix it together to create an admittedly unappealing looking paste. 
Cover the bowl with some cling film and place it in the fridge. I left mine overnight as it apparently helps the oats to absorb the yoghurt better, however you could probably get away with leaving it for a few hours. 
Then, take the bowl out of the fridge, remove the cling film and add 2 eggs. Get whizzy with it by using a hand mixer or by popping the mix in a blender for a few seconds. You’ll get quite a runny mixture – add a little bit of milk if it’s still quick thick and oaty. 
Time to get frying! Spray a pan with Frylight and let it get to a medium heat. Using a tablespoon, carefully add dollops of the mixture to the pan. A little really goes a long way here.
Healthy pancakes made with porridge oats
As with a ‘normal’ pancake, turn them over with a spatula once the underneath is no longer liquid. The pancake will be ready when it’s gone a slightly golden brown colour. Be careful to not overcook them and burn the oats!
Next, top your pancakes with your favourite toppings. As I was able to make so many of these discs of wonder, I ended up with 2 batches topped with Nutella and sweetener, and a third batch with lemon juice and sweetener. I also had some strawberries and banana on the side.
Slimming World friendly pancakes made with hex b
Have you, or would you try these pancakes? Reading the ingredients they sound awful but I absolutely loved them!

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