Six Surprising Things I’ve Learned About Being Self-Employed

Next week while I’m flinging myself down a mountain on a pair of skis for the first time, I’ll also be celebrating six whole months of being self-employed. It’s one of those weird feelings where it both feels like time is going by crazy fast, but also a bit like I’ve been doing it for longer. Weird, huh?

Anyway, to celebrate early and because ya girl needs #content to schedule while she’s frantically packing all her clothes into a case because she simply cannot decide what she’s going to want to wear for the next fortnight, I thought I’d share six things I’ve learned about being self-employed that surprised me.

Mondays will sometimes still feel like Mondays

I love working for myself. I love the freedom it gives me, and that the commute is from my bed to my spare room/office. But the truth is, Mondays can still feel like Mondays. After a nice relaxing weekend, I’m not often jumping out of bed ready to take on the week. Sometimes I put on a later alarm, or get started on the “easy jobs” to lull myself into the day.

The most Mondayish of Mondays for me is the sort of Monday where you have a tonne to do and no motivation to do it. You just want to curl up in a ball and binge-watch Jessica Jones while drinking copious amounts of tea. You may be thinking “well, who is stopping you now you’re self-employed?” and I can tell you now, the only person stopping me from doing that is me because I’d be riddled with guilt if that’s how I really spent my day. In fact, I still feel guilty if I take a longer lunch break, even though they do make me more productive overall.

If you stay on top of your business admin, it doesn’t feel so bad

Without a doubt, the admin of running your own business is a bore. Cashflow forecasting, receipts and invoices as well as tackling your inbox are all compulsory parts of being a self-employed business owner so you have to grin and bear it, but if you stay on top of it, it will make your life so much easier.

I try and log my receipts straight away and file them away so they aren’t lost, and I update my cash flow forecast every time I have incomings or outgoings against the business. This way, it only takes a couple of minutes each time as opposed to the hours it would take if I put it all off until it was time to pay the jolly old tax man.

If you are self-employed, I highly recommend making time on a regular basis to stay on top of your admin. Make a brew, grab a biscuit or two and tackle it head on before it tackles you.

Brushing your hair and teeth become tasks you have to remind yourself about

Yeah, really. There have been days when I have forgotten to brush my teeth until 5pm, or even gone out to get some milk without brushing my hair. I’m a cliche, I know.

When you’ve worked full time in office roles for the majority of your adult life, you’ll be used to the “making yourself presentable” part of your morning routine before you start the commuting part of the day. When you work from home as a self-employed hermit, this part becomes less necessary and sometimes falls by the wayside. I’m not proud.

There are also time times when you simply don’t have time for the basics – you get stuck into your work and before you know it, the day is over and you’re still rocking the bedhead look and your breath smells a bit stale. Nice.

You’ll start to crave human interaction pretty quickly

I’m not what you would call a “social butterfly”. I’m perfectly fine in social situations, but I don’t usually crave them. Well, that was until I started working from home. While I’m lucky to have Liam at home too, I do sometimes crave human interaction beyond the person I see every day. That’s where networking events come in pretty handy, along with making evening plans to spend time near other human beings.

In the past, I have worked in offices with colleagues that drove me crazy. They were loud and distracting while I was focusing on doing a good job. I used to be the person who would put their earphones in for some peace, but now I find myself occasionally wishing a colleague was sat beside me pointing out cute cat videos to break up the day a bit.

Patience actually does pay off

Patience and I don’t exactly go hand in hand, but I knew when I first decided to be self-employed that I would need patience in abundance. I took it with a pinch of salt though, never assuming that by being patient that it would actually pay off. But it does. It has.

With the networking and other marketing I’ve been doing to let people know about my business, I have started to see a rise in the amount of work that comes my way. At just six months into self-employment, I am doing better than I ever thought I would. Probably because I thought I’d be begging for my old job back by now lol.

Yes, it’s cheesy and probably sounds really annoying but patience does pay off. That and hard work, anyway. Clients aren’t queuing to work with you, so go get ’em.

There’s no magic figure that you should be charging your clients

I didn’t ever think there was a “right” amount to charge clients, but six months into doing project work, I think the point has been hammered home even more. It’s up to you what you want to charge, but you need to know your worth.

By that I mean you need to remind yourself of the value you are delivering to your clients when deciding what to charge, and making sure you aren’t pricing yourself out of your ideal customer. Equally, you don’t want to undercharge because that can put people off too.

Basically, think carefully about how you charge your clients and remember to factor in more than just the time it takes you to complete work – there’s all that pesky admin that comes into play, and the fact the tax man is coming after your earnings as well.


  1. Lisa

    This was so good to hear! I’ve recently made the jump and need to remind myself of all of these things! I think next month when I start all the financial side of things it’s going to be interesting as I’m hopeless with numbers but I’m slightly looking forward to putting my business head on!

    1. Post

      Congrats on taking the leap! I’m hopeless with numbers too but it needn’t be complicated if you keep records and stay on top of them by regularly reviewing them…if I can manage, I’m sure you can!

  2. Lisa

    I couldn’t agree more with all of these points! I’ve been self-employed for around nine months now, and I can identify with all of the above. I’m glad I’m not the only one who sometimes gets so stuck in their workload that they forget to brush their hair or teeth! 😀

    1. Post

      Yay, a fellow self-employed person! My OH who also works from home was appalled that I sometimes forget basic hygiene…but I’m sure he does too but just doesn’t realise ;)!

    1. Post
  3. andthenzen ✨

    I’m not self-employed, but I am unemployed at the moment so I can definitely relate a little too much to having to remind myself to brush my hair and teeth – it’s shamefully so easy to forget! I’m also not the most patient person, but as they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day and it’s important to remember that..

    1. Post

      I genuinely forgot to brush my teeth today…but at least I brushed my hair, right?! I hope you find work you enjoy soon!

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