Summery Pesto Pasta With Pinenuts And Cherry Tomatoes

Pasta with green pesto recipe

I’m in love with pesto. I could probably eat pesto everyday and die happy. I particularly love it with pasta, as it’s quick to throw together and totally delicious. To add a little character to this simple staple, I decided to add some cherry tomatoes and toasted pine nuts as well as some rocket and baby leaf to create what I have decided to deem the ultimate summery pesto pasta.


As much pasta as you can handle
A heaped tablespoon (or two) of green pesto
A handful of baby leaf and rocket
5 cherry tomatoes, cut in halves
Half a handful of pine nuts
A sprinkling of parmesan to finish


Pour your pasta into a pot, and cook as normal. Once the water is boiled and the pasta is cooking, add your cherry tomatoes and pine nuts to a frying pan and apply a medium heat. There’s no need to add any oil to the pan.

All in all the pasta, pine nuts and tomatoes should take a total of 10 minutes to cook. Once ready, pour the pasta into a colander to drain, and stir in the tomatoes, pine nuts, pesto and salad. Mix it up good and divide portions into bowls (or y’know pour it all in to one bowl for yourself like I did). Finish with a teaspoon of grated parmesan over the top.

Final step: Enjoy!

Pine nuts for pesto pasta salad
Pesto and salad for pasta
Pan fried cherry tomatoes and pine nuts
Pesto pasta salad with tomatoes and pine nuts

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