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When I was initially contacted by Sudio, I wondered whether their self-named ‘preppy’ earphones were going to be a classic case of style over substance. Beautifully designed earphones in pretty colours can sometimes be shockingly bad when it comes to producing good quality sound. I wanted to be proved wrong though, so was looking forward to giving the TVA product a whirl!
The product arrived amazingly quickly, considering it was being shipped from Stockholm. It turned up in secure packaging, with the product inside the stunning white box you can see at the top. The packaging really reminds me of Apple in its minimal look (perhaps this is deliberate?), even down to the small boxes inside which housed the instruction and warranty manuals, case and earphones.
Upon excitedly exploring what was inside, I discovered that the vibrant orange colour was true to its packaging and photography on the Sudio website. Bright and beautiful!
The wires are a ribbon design made of a sort of rubber material, much more substantial than your normal thin wires which come with most earphones. The shape of the buds are exactly how I like it, none of that weird sticking out shape which never seems to fit in my ears properly. These fit like a glove and felt super comfortable. What’s more, they have a mic and volume control, always a plus!
To test their quality, I decided to plug the earphones into my laptop and blast out some T-Swizzle. Maybe that’s not a fair test, as she always sounds awesome, but I was definitely impressed by the crisp quality of sound, even when the volume was turned up quite high. The bass is also really great, nice and clear without being irritating. Thumbs up!
I also think that because the ear buds are so comfortable, these could even be taken out on a run – in the pack you receive a cable clip so the wires wouldn’t be flying all over the place whilst you’re out burning calories.
I have to say, I’ve been really impressed with this product. My only minor criticism would be that it takes a bit of stuffing to get the earphones into the leather (!) case that comes with them, but I don’t imagine I’ll be using it too much anyway.
You can check out all of Sudio’s products on their website, and you can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.
What’s more, if you fancy ordering one of their products, you can get 15% off by using the code Moreaboutcat15.
Disclaimer: Sudio sent me the TVA orange earphones as compensation for a review of the product. All opinions are my own. 

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