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Meatballs at Spaghetti House Covent Garden

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Pesto Pasta at Spaghetti House Covent Garden

Review of Spaghetti House Covent Garden

Dining at Spaghetti House Covent Garden

On our recent little trip up to London to see The Book Of Mormon, we stopped for dinner at Spaghetti House Covent Garden (it’s opposite the Five Guys, in case you’d never spotted it). We’d never eaten at a Spaghetti House before, but Italian is always a winner in our eyes.

When we arrived at the restaurant at around 5ish (the show started at 7:30pm so we wanted plenty of time to eat and get to the theatre), a fair few tables were already filled, but there were lots more downstairs where we were directed to head to. The lady who welcomed us in spoke over a walkie talkie to let the man downstairs know that a two seated table would be needed. This seemed a bit weird and unnecessary to communicate via radio, but hey… each to their own.

We were seated in an alcove that was hidden behind a pillar and a coat rack. Despite being a little pokey, the space was cosy. It was best when the table next to us was empty as the tables were very close together but unfortunately it wasn’t very long before 4 people were crammed in next to us.

We decided to skip starters and go straight in with the main meal. Liam ordered spaghetti with meatballs, whilst I opted for a pesto tagliatelle. We also ordered a side of garlic bread, ‘cos YOLO.

I have to admit, that whilst my pasta dish was tasty, it had way too much pesto on it. I was really struggling to eat it because it was such a strong flavour. I love pesto, but there’s got to be limited and the chef definitely crossed those limits. It was still nice, but I had to leave about half of it as the flavour was too intense. Whilst Liam enjoyed his meatballs, he expected there to be more flavour to the tomato sauce. The garlic bread was fairly decent, although arguably a bit overcooked.

Naturally, despite being full of pasta, I just had to order a dessert. I opted for that Italian classic (ha!) or apple crumble with vanilla ice cream. It was by far the standout dish for me, despite just being a normal crumble with no bells and whistles. The topping was nice and oaty, and the apple was cooked well inside.

Overall I would say that Spaghetti House was pretty average – the food was fine but I wouldn’t rush back there again. The price was fairly decent for a dinner in central London though, so at least there’s that!

Have you ever been to Spaghetti House, or would you recommend any other restaurants in Covent Garden for our next trip?


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  1. Lins @ Boo & Maddie

    We’ve been to Spaghetti House quite a few times over the years and generally found them fairly good BUT my caveat to that is it can vary from branch to branch and sometimes I find with chains, even within the same branch. We went to Carluccios in Bromley today for breakfast, had the same thing than we’ve had plenty of times before and it was just a bit meh really, such a shame! I’d recommend Pasta Brown in Covent Garden, absolutely fab but you would definitely need to book depending on time of the week: X

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      Cat Fyson

      I know exactly what you mean about chains – I have this issue with Gourmet Burger Kitchen…always satisfied at the Basingstoke branch, never satisfied in Chichester! It’s funny, isn’t it? I’ve been to a few Carluccio’s and found them fairly consistent! I will have to give Pasta Brown a try one day for sure, thanks for the recommendation 🙂 x

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