Southsea Food Festival

Last weekend, me and Liam went to the local Food Festival which happens over one weekend every year. It usually means Pimms, and this year was no exception. We ended up grabbing a glass each, and a burger, and sitting on Southsea Common in the shade (it was way too hot to sit in the sun on Sunday!)

This is what happens when I get pins and needles in my foot… 

After our bite to eat, we wandered along looking at the stalls – from paella cooked in front of you, to loads of iced buns, doughnuts and cakes, Southsea Food Fest is a feast to the eyes. I walked away with a generous slab of chocolate brownie – but if I had more money I’d probably be tempted by more!

After our relaxing and foodful venture, we came back to our flat and played a new board game Liam bought – it’s based on Batman Arkham Asylum/ Arkham City (the video games), and it’s pretty fun. I won the first game, and Liam won the second – I like to think I let him win, just to be fair. That, or he just got lucky!

I hope you have a great weekend! Today I’m off to get my eyes tested, and then the rest of the weekend is chilling out as best we can with the flat below being refurbished!

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