Sometimes We Need To Be Selfish

Hey gang! How’s it going? I mean, aside from the election result and that we’re still living in a divided country/world. Aside from that, good I hope.

Today I’m going to ramble at you about the importance of being selfish. Yep. You gotta do it sometimes. Personally, I feel like marking a ballot paper is not a time to be selfish because it should be a time to think of those who are also less fortunate that yourself, but there are times when being selfish is totally a-OK. But first, some context…

I have realised recently that I am selfless to a fault. I always put others before me. Which y’know, on a surface level is totally good and basically makes me a decent human being but look a bit deeper than that and being selfless all the time is exhausting and can be detrimental to your mental health. I know it has been to mine.

Why? Because I end up sacrificing my own happiness for that of others. Even if they don’t necessarily deserve it. It doesn’t take long to be walked all over if you basically lay out the welcome mat to be trampled on. So in order to attempt to prevent this from happening, here’s the ways in which I plan to be selfish sometimes.

By speaking up

If something is bothering me, I’ll often bottle it up and consider my feelings as invalid. But actually, I am entitled to speak up if I’m frustrated. It’s all in how you speak up in a situation that determines you as a person, I think. I want to speak up constructively, so it still serves others but also serves myself.

By taking time

I’m an introvert at heart, so spending all day around people can tire me out. That’s not to say I don’t want to be around those people, but after 8 hours of it I do need a little alone time. I want to use that time to be productive but also to sometimes switch off with meaningless Youtube videos or a particularly on point Spotify playlist.

By really switching off

I want to get into the habit of not sneakily checking work emails in the evenings/at weekends, and not constantly refreshing my Instagram/Twitter feed on a day when I’ve posted something. It’s not healthy, and I’m not really missing anything by not being glued to my phone.

By being proud

I have a lot to be proud of tbh, and I don’t always remember that because pride is sometimes a bit of a dirty word (and even a deadly sin, just look at the poor woman in se7en…). It’s time to start highlighting my achievements, no matter how small, and start taking credit for them.

So chaps and chapettes, it’s time to get selfish up in here. How are you going to focus more on yourself?



  1. Chris
    June 18, 2017 / 9:06 pm

    The thing about staying off your phone is a good one. People these days are slaves to their phones, feel free to switch to airline mode when you sleep and don’t be afraid of not answering it if you don’t feel like doing so. And if you’re down the pub in others’ company – leave it in your pocket or bag. There is nothing more anti-social than meeting up with someone for them to spend their time on their phone, or seeing a bunch of people on their phones and not talking!

    • Cat
      June 18, 2017 / 9:15 pm

      Great tips, Chris!

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