Soap & Glory Archery Eyebrow Pencil & Brush Review

soap & glory archery eyebrow pencil review

Whodda thunk that eyebrows would ever become trendy? More importantly, whodda thunk I’d ever care?

But recently, I’ve been on a bit of a quest to find a good product to fill out my brows. Partly because I’m trying to grow them out a bit, and also because with the very mild form of trichotillomania that I have, they have been a bit patchy for a long time.

My quest begun when I found out that Elle Magazine were giving away free samples of one of Benefit’s new eyebrow products, the Goof Proof pencil. After some deliberation (much to Liam’s chagrin as I kept asking him whether I should get it), I decided to pick up the magazine on the off chance that even if I didn’t like the product, I might find something interesting to read. I was wrong on both counts. The product was crap, and the magazine was worse.

So, after that catastrophe, on a recent trip into town I decided to head to the Soap & Glory stand in Boots (I love their Kickass concealer so figured why the hell not?) and came across their Archery range, in particular a double-ended brow product with a wind up pencil on one end, and brush on the other. I ended up going for the Hot Chocolate shade, as it seemed to be the darkest and my brows are almost gothic.

soap & glory archery filler pencil

Soap & Glory Archery Pencil

The pencil looked pretty much the same as the Benefit one in terms of texture (although the Goof Proof has a tapered shape, supposedly for helping to fill the brow better), but when swatching the tester product on my hand, the S&G product texture was so much better. It was smoother, and was easier to create strokes rather than having to press down hard and ending up with a mess. Although the shade is a little bit lighter than my natural brow colour, it means that the effect when filling in my brows is much softer and doesn’t make me look aggressive. RESULT.

I like the wind up option over a standard pencil because you don’t need to rely on sharpening it, and it’s less crumbly than a normal pencil. After use, you can also wind the pencil back down to prevent any damage.

soap & glory archery eyebrow brush

Soap & Glory Archery Brush

Let’s talk about dat brush tho. The material is the same as a mascara brush, so a little ‘harsher’ than some eyebrow pencil brushes which tend to be soft bristles and almost completely useless.

As these bristles are tougher, they really do help move the hairs into position and also to blend the pencil shading in better. I use the brush before and after application of the pencil in order to keep it looking neat and tidy.

So, what’s the result? Have a look at my little face and see for yourself!

soap & glory archery eyebrow pencil results

P.S. I can neither confirm or deny that I had a crumb from a Dairylea Dunker on my lip that I had to Photoshop out.

So if you’re looking for an eyebrow pencil that’s dead easy to use and doesn’t make you look like a thug, then I definitely recommend checking out Soap & Glory Archery.



  1. June 23, 2016 / 1:25 pm

    Your eyebrows look flawless. I really need a pencil that’s easy to use and on the cheaper side, so I’ll have to try this! Thanks for reviewing!

    • Cat
      June 23, 2016 / 8:45 pm

      Aw thank you! They do look so much better than au naturel! I honestly think S&G are underrated – I much prefer them to Benefit and they are much cheaper! x

  2. June 26, 2016 / 10:23 am

    This is so interesting because I have a Clinique eyeliner that’s one of those wind up wind down things and I was trying to figure out how I sharpen it but I guess I can’t, right? Do you find that you don’t mind the bluntness it quickly becomes, even if you wind it essentially the tip is still flat? But your eyebrows look really great 🙂 I’m toying with the idea of getting mine shaped and tinted but so scared in case it ends up looking awful! X

    • Cat
      June 26, 2016 / 11:25 am

      I found with the ability to sharpen a pencil, it makes it go all crumbly and just doesn’t look as good as the wind up ones which I guess are more like crayon than pencil. I find the bluntness doesn’t matter so much as it’s a softer and almost creamier texture than pencil so it still works really well. I am tempted to get mine shaped when they have grown out a bit more but I tinted mine myself once and that was a big mistake! x

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