Snore & Peace from Clipper Tea Review

Clipper Tea Snore and Peace Review

There is nothing more British than a review of tea, amirite? Actually, there is…a review of tea which complains about it.

I really wanted Clipper’s Snore and Peace to change my life, after reading about it on Terri‘s blog, so I bought some to try out.

I wanted to sip on it from a china mug (cups are way too small for a tea addict) with my little finger pointing out, like a real Brit. I wanted to sigh relief at an easier night’s sleep and brag about how well rested I was to anyone who would listen. I was disappointed.

Y’see, there’s really nothing I enjoyed about this tea. It smelt, and tasted a bit odd (although you get used to it), but the biggest crime for me was that it didn’t help me relax or sleep at all. In fact, I tried it for a few nights in a row and a couple of nights I ended up feeling more awake after drinking it. Perhaps that’s psychological though?

Sleep tea Clipper

Anyway, given Terri’s glowing review of the brew (I’m a poet), I guess it has a different effect on different people. I don’t necessarily struggle that much with getting to sleep, it’s staying asleep and feeling like I’ve truly had my 8-10 hours I require to operate the next day, and unfortunately this tea did nowt to help improve things.

Despite my displeasure, I am reluctant to completely give up on this tea. I will probably try it again, and cross my fingers as I slurp that it performs the magic it promises. What can I say? I have faith. Or perhaps, I just don’t want the teabags to go to waste.

Snore and Peace Tea

Have you tried this tea? Or do you have any other sleepy teas to recommend?

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  1. Cat Fyson

    Thanks love! šŸ™‚ It's a mug I've had for ages, I love the shape and colour of it (it seems to match my blog right now!) I've heard that about meditating too, but I always feel silly at the idea of doing that x

  2. Fatma

    Clippers sleep easy tea worked for me. I’m trying the snore and peace one. But it hasn’t worked yet šŸ™

    1. Post

      I don’t think it really does work, the snore and peace… may have to try the sleep easy if that on is better!

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