Snapshots With Liam

Hello folks!
Does anyone else have a significant other who has caught the photography bug? A few weeks back now, Liam was looking into getting a decent camera that he could record videos with, but also get some nifty stills too. 
After some deliberation, he opted for the Canon 70D. Now, some of you lucky lot might have this camera, or a similar one so you’ll know that it’s pretty cool piece of kit. To test out his skills (after a few short lessons from me in ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed), we decided during our week off to take lots of photos whilst visiting his family home in Hook.
We took some portraits of Bailey (who has featured on this blog before), and also traipsed about in the woods where I got savagely attacked by mosquitos. I wanted to share some of the results – including Liam’s photos, as well as some I took! 
So without further adieu…

Liam’s shots (Canon 70D)

My shots (Nikon D3200)

Isn’t Bailey a handsome boy? He’s dopey as anything and very clingy (he kept poor Liam up at all hours when his Mum and partner stayed away for one night!), but he is incredibly photogenic!
So what do you think of our snaps? I think Liam is doing an awesome job of picking up the manual settings after some tinkering, and I’m pretty proud I managed to take a picture where the focus is on the background and the foreground is blurred…it’s something I’ve wanted to achieve for a little while now!
We’re off to Marwell Zoo today to take even more pictures, so I’m sure I’ll be sharing some here in the near future ;).

If you have any questions about either one of our cameras, feel free to let me know in the comments and we’ll flick furiously through our ‘For Dummies’ books to help you out 😉 

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