The Small Successes That Drive Me – Even On My Worst Days

August 13, 2017

small successes that drive me

Success doesn’t have to be more followers, a payrise or promotion. It doesn’t have to be measured by the things you own, the career ladder you’re climbing or the friends you keep. Success can be the ability to get out of bed each day and know that you are improving. You might not feel that way every day, but steps backwards are a new opportunity to take steps forwards tomorrow.

OK, so even that made me gag a little with the cheesiness, but let’s face it…we all love those postcards with the motivational slogans. I don’t know why I’m so much more receptive to those than the endless quotes on Pinterest…but I digress.

Here are the small successes that drive me, particularly on the worst days when my anxiety and/or stress tries to get the better of me…

I am getting better at handling shit

I used to be horrendous at dealing with certain things. But I am getting better. There will be days when I want to curl up in a ball under a blanket because I’m scared of making a bad decision, or handling a situation I haven’t deal with before.

But those days have gotten fewer and further between and if that’s not a success idk what is tbh.

I am learning to let things go

I can struggle to let things go sometimes, particularly things that anger me. And lots of things can anger me. It’s no way to live.

Sure, I still get serious road rage and occasionally come home from work #fuming but slowly but surely, I am seeing an improvement in just letting stuff go… of remembering that life’s too short to be too mad about the prick who pulled out in front of me, or the email that rubbed me up the wrong way.

(oh and fyi, I think changing my contraceptive pill has also improved my mood so if y’all on Cilest I highly recommend switching things up).

I recognise my talents

Ain’t nothing wrong with a #humblebrag when it comes to your skills. I have always been good at knowing that I know my shit when it comes to copywriting and digital marketing – after all, I’ve spent long enough honing my craft.

If you think you don’t have any talents – you’re wrong. Your talents are very closely linked to the things you enjoy (and nah I don’t mean binging Netflix and eating biscuits, although I am pretty damn talented at that), so think about what you love doing and if you’re not sure try something new.

Trust me when I say you’ll feel pretty successful in it quickly if it’s something you love to do.

I can measure my growth

Not literally lol cos I am never reaching 5ft tall. Figuratively though, I am growing all the time.

Not just with this (award-nominated…eee!) blog, but as a person I am slowly but gradually feeling like I am starting to get a handle on things. The feeling might be temporary, but the most important thing I am getting to grips with is that if the feeling goes…it will come back. When things turn crappy, they won’t always be crappy. They’ll get better.

So go forth and hang on to to the little things when life overwhelms you…

6 responses to “The Small Successes That Drive Me – Even On My Worst Days”

  1. Aimee says:

    I really, really needed to read this post! Even if in your intro you sounded a lot like my therapist 😉 Haha. I am so bad at recognising my successes, I really need to focus more on those, especially when I am having bad days.

    • Cat says:

      Haha, maybe I’m picking up some of the language my therapist uses with me It’s so important to recognise success even if it’s only a small victory!

  2. This post radiates with positivity, such a lovely read. Im slowly learning to appreciate the small successes i make, rather than weighing myself down by holding such high expectations for myself, im slowly improving and, like you, whilst there are still days i just want to stay in bed, im learning to handle things better and accepting my emotions

    • Cat says:

      Thank you – that’s so lovely to hear! I’m also really pleased for you that you are making that improvement as it’s a good feeling!

  3. Kate says:

    I love this post! It was the perfect thing to read firts thing in the morning! Thanks for sharing your tips, I really do need to recognise what I can do rather than what I can’t do.

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