Simple Sunday

The best kind of Sunday is one where you roll out of bed after 10am and follow those simple but lovely and relaxing activities that can only really be done on a Sunday.

Today was one of those Sundays for sure – so I thought I’d share what I got up to!

First things first on a Sunday – breakfast (even though it’s getting dangerously close to lunch time). I whip up some pancakes for Liam, making a mess everywhere…

For me, I like to have the one breakfast I would have everyday if we had a stove at work – dippy egg and soldiers. I get up quite early to get to work, so it wouldn’t really make much sense for me to eat before I left as by the time I got there I’d be starving again!
I really do need to invest in some egg cups…at the moment these ramekins stuffed with kitchen roll are not particularly ‘blog worthy’, but hey, they work.
We wash our breakfasts down with ice cold orange juice. I closely follow this with a mug of tea.
After these delightful refreshments, it’s time to watch a film! We like to get our Sunday movie out of the way early before we (or rather I) get too tired or engrossed in the blogging world! Today we watched The Terminator which I hadn’t seen before, and I thought it was pretty good!
A little after that finished, we went for a stroll to our local Co Op so I could pick up some sweet treats (cookie cravings are all too real) and Liam could pick up a film magazine. Once we get home, we do our own thing – he plays PS4 and I do some blogging admin. Today I found a wicked report on Twitonomy┬áthat lets me look at all of the people I follow on Twitter and view their bios so I can see if they have a blog link. I sifted through far too many users to find some lovely new blogs to read!
Whilst that’s happening, the lovely Tors was tinkering with my blog code to fix a few niggles for me. She centred my header image, sorted out the format of my blog titles and also tidied up the footer. So much happier with how neat it looks! She now offers tweaks to coding for a minimal price if you’re looking to make changes to an existing design so head over to her blog if you need a little help!
The rest of my day (after posting this of course!) will be made up of adding some items to my ebay (please do go take a look, there are some lovely pieces on there in different sizes from Topshop, H&M and more!), making a lamb roast dinner (yum!) and rounding off the day by watching some Alan Partridge and reading some of your awesome blogs.
How have you spent this glorious Sunday?


  1. Rachael

    Sounds like a fun day – we went to see Guardians of the Galaxy and then did our normal Sunday routine of food shopping and doing some work in the garden. Being only the afternoon here in the US, think the rest of the day will be spent sorting out some of the blogs I follow and catching up on the TV shows we watch.

  2. Cat Fyson

    I'm so jealous – we are not seeing GOTG for a few weeks yet as are waiting to watch Captain America – The Winter Soldier when it comes out on DVD.

    Enjoy the rest of your day! It's almost bedtime for me here in the UK! x

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