Should We Give Up Our Blogs & Do More On The ‘Gram?

April 5, 2018

Recently, my Twitter timeline and IG stories have been rife with discussion about how Instagram seems to be paving the way for bloggers and influencers now. Big bloggers are no longer making the income they used to on blog content, and are instead being paid by brands for Insta content instead.

So should we all be thinking about doing more with our grids and stories on Instagram, and letting our blogs take the backseat? Well, it depends.

If your online presence is your business then it seems to make sense to put more energy into your Instagram nowadays. If that’s where the engagement is that brands that work with you are craving, then your love of writing blog content isn’t going to convince them. They’ll have done their research (or so you’d hope).

Like any marketing trend, it won’t last forever and another method of influencer marketing will eventually take over and the landscape will change all over again.

However, believe it not – blogging isn’t dead. It’s not even dying. It’s changing. We shouldn’t be giving up our blogs altogether because there is definitely still room to prosper.

Our social media presence remains an extension of our blogs, and although full-time bloggers may be posting less blog content in exchange for Instagram ads, they will still be posting to their blogs not only for their love of writing but because they know full well there is still room for blog posts to do well. To be read, loved and shared. To be an inspiration for others.

Plus, you never know when the tide might turn and brands begin to focus on the value of well-written content to convince an audience to buy their products. Because let’s face it, that’s what it boils down to, and it’s been the leading way of getting sales before!

It’s true that our attention spans are getting shorter (hence why we love binging on IG Stories in the morning), but I know I’m not alone in still enjoying a good blog read binge with a cup of tea. It’s just all about the variety. It’s about not putting all your eggs in one basket.

So what can bloggers do to keep all the plates spinning?

Managing a blog and social media platforms takes up a lot of time. Whether it’s alongside a full-time job, or it’s what you do for a living, here are a few tips on how to keep on top of it all regardless of if you’re posting sponsored content or not…

Instagram Stories

If you aren’t using Instagram Stories already, you’re gonna love it. I personally find it really fun to keep mine updated when I can, and I also enjoyed recently sharing tidbits of my trip to Canada.

Keep it casual, but try and keep it interesting by varying up what you share. No one is going to be interested in your Story if you’re just sharing pictures of the cups of tea you drink throughout the day (totally guilty of doing this though).

Try posting a few times throughout the day and if you have something particularly interesting/exciting to share, break it up into parts to create a better pace to your Story.

Instagram Grid

The biggest change I’ve noticed in recent weeks in photos being shared on the ‘gram is that they are now much more casual and less polished.

There seems to be a shift heading towards more off the cuff content, moving away from samey themes and organised flatlays. Go with the flow and create your own “aesthetic”!

I’m not sure if there’s a magic formula for the frequency of photos being posted on Instagram, but I really wouldn’t bother posting daily anymore. I have seen popular Instagrammers (and when I say that I mean over 10K) that can go a whole week without posting and not suffer from it.

The Blog

Last but certainly not least, keep the blog plate spinning by focusing on quality, not quantity. I recently had a stint of going down from 3 posts per week to 1 post per week while on holiday and guess what…my traffic was around the same amount as it would be if I was posting 3 times.

You know why? Because I spent time scheduling in tweets of older content that I knew had performed well at the time and was likely to get click-throughs.

Capitalise on your old content and get into a good routine of sharing it regularly to drive traffic. While new posts will still give you an extra boost of traffic (particularly on go-live day), reshareable content can often surprise you.

So in conclusion – if you want to follow in the footsteps of more established bloggers, take some time getting active on Instagram (Stories in particular), but keep your blog ticking away with great content whenever you can!

6 responses to “Should We Give Up Our Blogs & Do More On The ‘Gram?”

  1. Nicole says:

    Really enjoyed this post Cat! I love all the discussion happening at the moment about Instagram and blogging generally – I’ve only been blogging for about 18 months but I can see it changing. Totally agree there’s more of a lean towards casual posting, less frequent schedules and less formal and sponsored blog posts – which I really enjoy! x

  2. I have just discovered your blog through someone retweeting and now I am binging on allll your posts. This one I find really interesting – I’ve seen so many posts about how blogging is ‘dead’ but I actually think the tide is turning and people are creating more authentic, personal ‘olden days’ style posts as that is what people are craaaaving. The less perfect and polished and the more ‘real’ xx

    Lynsey || One More Slice

    • Cat says:

      Aww, amazing! Thanks for popping by and hope you enjoy my posts! I couldn’t agree more, I definitely think we are going full circle now (especially as IG is just annoying everyone anyway!). I will always enjoy the more real, less polished content so looking forward to seeing more of it!

  3. This is such a different post and you’re right!

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