I’ve Been Shortlisted For A Blogging Award!

nominated for a blogging award


I’ve only gone and got myself shortlisted for a #BloggersBlogAwards blogging award! Me! To say I was surprised to be shortlisted is no hyperbole. Whilst I was aware a few people had nominated me, to be one of the five shortlisted is a proud moment tbh. Super proud. Why?

Because I’ve worked really hard on this blog over the years, and my posts about blogging (blog tips etc) are some of the ones I’ve worked hardest on. My Google Analytics posts in particular take a lady ball-achingly long time to put together. But it’s worth it because I get great feedback on them, too.

So yeah – wow! Thank you so much to all those who did nominate me. You are the absolute best and it’s so amazing hearing from those coming forward to say they are voting for me to win as well.

I am up against some great blogs so to even be placed beside them on a shortlist is a great honour (but also lol obv I wanna win too).

Once upon a time, I was admittedly a little “anti” blogging awards. Well, not “anti”, but I did feel like they were essentially popularity contests. This opinion hasn’t necessarily changed as a whole, but I have noticed over the past couple of years that less established bloggers are being nominated (i.e. me, but also bloggers with smaller followings too) and in many cases winning as well. Plus, what the heck is wrong with being celebrated for a job well done, right?

Speaking of which…

Hayley from Tea Party Beauty clearly puts a hellova lot of work into the Bloggers Blog Awards, and the community as a whole should be thanking her. Unfortunately they are not. Because y’know, everyone loves a Twitter/Insta drama and some have been tearing her down over the lack of diversity in the shortlisted bloggers. Well, let’s just remember the categories are left deliberately open (e.g. lifestyle, travel, beauty etc), and that it’s a public vote. Now, maybe reassess who is to blame for the lack of diversity.

I would personally like to say, as I have on Twitter as well, that Hayley has done an awesome job and deserves an award for putting up with shit.

But anyway, a HUGE thank you once again to everyone who nominated me and got me into the shortlist for a freakin’ blogging award!

If you do want to go and vote for me in the Blogging Guru category, click the link below and scroll down to the Let’s Vote form at the bottom. Under the Blogging Guru category you’ll see ‘MORE ABOUT CAT’ as an option! Give it a click, and then at the very bottom of the form you’ll be able to submit your votes.

I am really hoping I can figure out a way to get to the awards in September (they’re in Leeds which is SO SO far away!) – as I’d love to go to another blogging meet up and be there to celebrate all of the winners. So keeping my fingers crossed that I’ll see some of you then!

> Click here to vote for me as Blogging Guru in the #BloggersBlogAwards!


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  1. Ali

    This is amazing news congrats! I hope you find a way of being able to go to the awards ceremony as I’m sure you would have a great time meeting everyone 🙂

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      Thank you so much, Ali 🙂 Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make the awards but will still celebrate at home whoever wins!

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