Severed Comic Review

Severed Comic Review

This is another graphic novel that I’ve had shelved for a while – I bought it in Waterstones in Brighton ages ago and despite being intrigued by it at the time, I just wasn’t exactly enthused to get round to reading it. However, I eventually picked it up the other day, popped it in my bag for work and read it from cover to cover in the time it took me to commute.

Severed, without giving too much away, is the story of a boy who runs away from home to meet his long lost father, a musician on the road. Little does he know, there’s a particularly sinister character with their beady eyes set on him, and it’s only a matter of time before their paths cross.

The story here is really quite good – it has some (in my mind) unexpected turns, and there is sufficient amount of character building so that we get behind the boy’s quest to find his father. The artwork is also rather good – incredibly dark, sketchy and at times a bit shocking.

I did enjoy Severed, but I had a couple of gripes. First of all, it used what I would consider a slightly cheesy method of transition when crossing story lines. Basically, one storyline would stop with a line or action that opened the other story line. It’s hard to explain, and it’s not necessarily a bad method, it’s just one I found to be a bit annoying.

Secondly, at parts the structure of the comic frames changes – it’s apt maybe, but it took me a minute to adjust and figure out which frame to move on to next as the crease of the graphic novel hid some of the artwork which might have made it clearer which direction to read in. Other casual graphic novel readers like myself might understand this problem, whilst seasoned ones will probably laugh in my face.

Overall, Severed it definitely worth a look if you like a good horror story that litters in a couple of other elements including friendship, family and some slightly twisted humour. The opening and ending tie together well, although the ending wasn’t quite to my liking – but each to their own.

Have you ever read Severed? Tempted to give it a try? Let me know of any other horror graphic novels you recommend! 

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