September Roundup


At the end of each month, I used to do a “monthly favourites” where I listed my favourite stuff that happened that month, but with my blog’s rebrand, I decided I wanted to create a monthly “roundup” style post that was more ~interesting~ and potentially useful to my readers.

So here’s the first one!

Each month, I am going to set myself 3 goals (and at the end, reflect upon them), share a few things I’ve been enjoying and also give you a bit of an update on the business side of things. Shall we crack on?

September’s Personal Achievements

So as this is the first of my roundup posts, I didn’t actually ~officially~ set any goals to achieve for September! However, there are a few things I hoped to achieve this month so I’ll include those instead.

Rebrand from “moreaboutcat” to “creatively cat”

Check! Although it’s been a long time since I was at school, September does still have that ~fresh start~ vibe to it, so it felt right to finally commit to rebranding this month. I’m so pleased I did because I’m fuelled with blogging energy right now!

Eat healthier

Uh, fail. Although my main goal is to lose a little weight, I do also find more and more at the moment that food is having a negative impact on my energy. I need to kick the habit of relying on quick, convenient food and start making healthier choices. Any tips are gratefully received!

Get back into decoupage

I love doing decoupage, it’s super therapeutic and a great way to step away from screens. I have started and finished a decoupage project this month so I’d consider that a success! I only have one mache model left to do, so I think my birthday and Christmas list will be filled with models and papers.

September’s Favourites

I’ve been travelling…back from Dubrovnik! We had an amazing holiday, and I want to go back already! You can read my travel diary here, and the reasons why ~you~ visit Dubrovnik here.

I’ve been reading…a couple of businessy books. First of all, Mish Slade’s “May I Have Your Attention Please?” which I highly recommend to any copywriters out there (s/o to fellow freelancer Elise Dopson for sending me her copy). I also started reading Gary Vaynerchuk’s “Crushing It” which…meh. I don’t buy into his philosophies really, but the business stories from others are quite interesting.

I’ve been watching…lots of Brooklyn 99, season 2 of Atypical (please watch this show as it’s amazing and I don’t want them to cancel it), and quite a few movies! Check out my movie reviews over on Letterboxd.

I’ve been celebrating… the anniversary of when I first set up my business! On Sept 18 2017, I sat at my desk for the first time as a self-employed person. Here’s a post all about the lessons I’ve learned so far…

I’ve been eating…EVERYTHING. But mostly cake I think. My highlight was the lemon drizzle cake Liam and I shared to celebrate the aforementioned anniversary.

September’s Business Achievements

Again, I didn’t have any set goals really, and the aim of these monthly roundups is to make myself more accountable for both my personal achievements and business ones! So here are a few things that I did hope to get done this month for my business.

Finish my business plan

I have been following Jen Carrington’s “Uncover your big-hearted business” e-book and it has helped me build a business plan that actually excites me about my business! It has taken forever, and I am ~so~ close to finishing it. I wasn’t able to get it all done and dusted this month due to the holiday and some client work, so it will have to be finished in October. No biggie!

Set up my first campaign

I have been so guilty of doing the marketing for my business in a really ad-hoc way – not a way I would recommend to my clients! So it was finally time to take a leaf out of my own book and get more strategic with how I promote my services.

Throughout October, I am running a #Blogtober campaign for my business, which will include weekly blog posts and Facebook lives…I feel very prepared for the former, not so much for the latter! I’ve never done Facebook Lives before so it should be an insightful experience!

I have all the content scheduled in now, so fingers crossed it’s a success…

Catch up with business admin!

Up until this month, I was pretty good at keeping on top of my bookkeeping and inbox. I don’t actually have a valid reason for letting things slip, but I did have some spare time the week before last to get my affairs back in order! Note to self: make time weekly to record my mileage, receipts and to organise my inbox! Future me will thank past me for it.

September’s Business Income

So one of the things I aim to do when talking about my business is to be upfront about it and to share my experience honestly. In light of that, I am going to be sharing how much I earned, specifically from freelance work, in the month. Full disclosure: I also earn a part-time income from the work I do for a local charity.

This month was a quiet one for new projects, and so I earned £455. As quite a spendy month with the holiday (and a very spendy season on our doorstep!), I am going to have to work extra hard to get some more work in October.

I am hoping my #Blogtober campaign is going to bring in some more blogging projects or consultations, but we shall see! Nothing in this freelance life is guaranteed.

October’s Personal Goals

Try harder to eat healthier!

I want to get to a place where I’m ready and willing to meal prep, eat better and reap the benefits of that. I am going to try my utmost to make that happen this month, and avoid all the Halloween and early Christmas treats in the supermarkets at the moment. Wish me luck! I’ll need it.

Get to the gym more

Now that swimming is something I enjoy rather than dread, I’d love to do it more at the gym. I’m going to aim to swim once a week, and do my usual treadmill run workout another time a week. It’s not particularly to speed up the weight loss, but more to make sure I am still getting a decent amount of exercise which can be tricky when you work from home!

Make plans

Now we are settled back into “reality” after our holiday, I’d like to consciously make sure we are making evening and weekend plans rather than getting too glued to Netflix. I’m not exactly sure what these plans are going to be (other than cinema trips), but I want to make October a month I can look back on fondly and say we had a good balance of fun, and chill.

October’s Business Goals

Finish my business plan

Like I said before, I am so close to finishing it but the last part is one of the biggest! I need to formulate my content strategy, and although October’s is sorted, I’d really like to have a content plan in place for the remainder of this year. It takes a while to build a content plan and campaign, but I’m hoping it will be worth it!

Run 2 x Facebook Lives

So this is included in my #Blogtober content plan, but it’s the part I’m super nervous about. I have 2 Facebook Lives booked in to take place, so I am looking forward to reflecting back at the end of the month, and hopefully concluding that I had nothing to worry about!

Gain 2 x new client projects

I think this aim is reasonable as there are some things in the pipeline, but I always get anxious about setting these sorts of goals as I really don’t like to fail! But if we don’t aim towards something, then we’ll have nothing to celebrate!

Phew, and that’s it for my September roundup! What do you think of the new format, do you like it?

I hope people find it useful, maybe even motivational? I’ve never been big on goal-setting but as I’ve gotten older and wiser, I am seeing the value in it and also in holding myself accountable by putting my goals ~out there~.


  1. Lauren

    I like the idea of this roundup post. It’s nice to see a list of different things that you’ve achieved and what you want to achieve! I set myself goals, but I don’t really share them with anyone but me, and maybe my OH. I wonder if having this accountability would help me to strategically plan them in to succeed!

    Lauren 🙂 x

    1. Post

      Thank you, glad you like it! It’s kind of cathartic writing it, but yeah I’m also terrible at goal setting so this really is about making me more accountable!

  2. Pixie Rai

    In regards to eating healthier, I set up a separate IG account from my usual one to hold myself accountable. I try to post everything I eat…yes I’m that annoying person that takes food photos, but it really helps me to realise what I’m putting into my body. I also learnt about nutrition and learning that fad diets do not work, they are not healthy or sustainable. I really recommend Joe Wicks if you’re just starting out as he tells you a lot about nutrition & food. I also follow fitness/food accounts on my IG as there’s lots of helpful info on there. I’m always researching the benefits of certain types of food and learning what the body needs.

    Basically, if you want to lose weight, you need to be in a calorie deficit, there’s no two ways about it. However, it’s also realising that all calories are not made the same…you can track your calorie intake on apps (I use my Fitbit) and you may be within your calories even though you’ve had a double cheeseburger, but there’s realising that they are not nutritionally dense calories. Learn what foods keep you full longer (protein, healthy fats such as nuts & avocado) and ensuring that you also eat carbs (they aren’t the enemy) on days you’re more active/working out.

    I’m sorry for the massive long post, but I really hope it helps. Just DM me if you want any more advice…but the main thing is commitment!

    1. Post

      That’s a great idea – I really do need to hold myself accountable for things to work. Not sure I’ll set up an IG account but I should start a food diary at least! I take food photos too, although usually of the sorts of food I should be cutting back on!

      I may have to take you up on the offer of advice or accountability! Let’s see how I get on…

      1. Pixie Rai

        Tracking your food is a great way of realising what you’re putting into your body. Alot of people use Myfitnesspal to track, which I used to do until I got my Fitbit and just use the food tracker on there.

        Good luck and lemme know how you get on xx

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