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Sensitive skin care routine products reviews
I’ve mentioned in previous Beauty posts how fussy my skin can be. Sometimes its hella dry, other times it can be oily, and it will break out as soon as chocolate or other junk food hits my lips. 
To counteract these different issues, I use a variety of different products that I thought I’d tell you guys a bit about, in case you suffer from the same/similar skin issues. 
The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink-In Moisture Mask

I actually wrote a brief first impressions review of this mask here, where I mentioned that I thought it would be more useful in the winter. It did definitely provide some extra protection when the weather got bitter, but it’s also been super helpful when the warmth dries out my skin too.
This mask sinks in, so there’s no need to wash it off. It’s very much like a rich, rich moisturiser that you might slather on arms and legs if they needed some serious TLC, but it’s sensitive enough for your face. 
I wouldn’t say it’s a perfect product, as it does make your skin feel a bit clogged because of how heavy it is, but it’s ideal for a pamper before bed so it can soak in overnight. I find it definitely gets rid of the drier patches of skin, so it’s worth a go. I use this maybe once a week max when needed.
The Body Shop Aloe Vera Exfoliator
You’ll notice a pattern here…there are a lot of TBS products here! This facial exfoliator is great because it’s not too strong for sensitive skin, and it doesn’t make my face come up all red and blotchy like many other exfoliators. You can barely notice the exfoliating beads in this product, so it feels nice and smooth on the skin. 
I try and remember to use this every day, as other face washes really dry my skin out!

Aveeno Body Lotion

If you have dry and sensitive skin, it can be a double-edged sword when using moisturiser. It can provide the moisture you need, but also cause flare ups of conditions such as eczema or dermatitis. This is why I just cannot rely on The Body Shop for moisturiser, as all the fragrances cause serious hassle for my skin.
You may have seen Aveeno advertised recently by Jennifer Aniston on TV. Now, whether she uses it or not is pretty irrelevant, but she is right about how good it is for the skin. 
Aveeno products are primarily made using oatmeal which is great for looking after dry skin. This moisturising lotion is quite thick, but spreads really well and sinks in quickly. In an ideal world I’d apply this every day, but let’s be honest…it’ll be a few times a week max! My skin always looks and feels much better for it, though.
The Body Shop Vitamin E Facial Oil
It took a little while for me to really understand the benefit of facial oils. I thought they’d make my skin break the hell out, but actually, it doesn’t at all. I use this oil on rare occasions around my T-zone if it’s looking a little thirsty. 
Neals Yard Remedies Frankincense Hydrating Cream
HALLELUJAH FOR THIS PRODUCT. Honestly, for a long time I’d struggled to find a product that actually properly moisturised my face, particularly around the nose, that didn’t make my skin super shiny and dry out all over again in a matter of hours. 
You can read how awesome this product is in my review here. I use this daily, so it’s definitely worth the slight splurge.
The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil Blemish Fade Night Lotion
I have to admit that this is a fairly new product to my routine, and therefore it’s early days as to whether it works miracles or not. However, when I do use it, it feels like it’s looking after those pesky spots. Plus it smells immense. 
I use this product when blemishes rear their ugly heads, because I very rarely ever only get one spot. It’s usually an attractive cluster. 
Aveeno Hand Cream
The skin on my hands is forever drying out, and it’s the area I’m most likely to get a flare up of dermatitis. Aveeno’s hand cream is handy because you can pop it in your bag and top up when your skins in need. 
Again, much like the moisturiser it has oatmeal in it, and is really sensitive to the skin, providing a good level of moisture without your hands feeling sticky and gross. Winner.

The Body Shop Honey & Oat Mask
I’ve definitely left the best for last here. I adore this mask. It’s got quite big exfoliating granules within it, so I don’t go crazy scrubbing it – I just focus it around the areas that need the most nurturing (primarily the T-zone). 
After use, my skin feels super soft and has a slight glow. Like with most scrub masks, my skin will go a bit red after use, but will also have a lovely glow. I try and remember to apply this once a week, or fortnight!
What skincare do you use for sensitive skin? Recommendations welcomed in the comments!

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  1. Emma at Her Glamourati

    I am such a massive Body Shop fan for skin care, it's always very gentle on my somewhat troublesome skin. I too have only just started using their tea tree blemish fade night lotion, I don't see much difference – how do you feel about it?

    I am definitely going to look into the NYR hydrating cream, sounds like a great product :o)

    Emma xx || Her Glamourati

  2. Emma Everleigh

    I have sensitive skin, so thanks for sharing! I've wanted to try the Neal's Yard frankincense cream for a while, so I'm glad you love it! I also love the self-heating vanilla fudge face mask by 7th Heaven (formerly Montagne Jeunesse) and Amie's Morning Dew facial moisturiser; both are great for my sensitive skin. xxx beauty, affordable fashion, everyday life

  3. Cat Fyson

    I havent seen a huge difference with it I have to admit, but it does prevent my skin from getting oily/greasy overnight.

    The hydrating cream is fab – works really well x

  4. Cat Fyson

    Oh no! What a shame. To be honest, I don't get much eczema on my face so that's probably why it's worked OK for me.Oats in general are meant to be really good for eczema. x

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