Oh hi, hello.

I harp on about self-care a lot here, but y’know what? It’s because that shit is important.

Most of my self-care routine happens in the morning before I get started with work, so I thought I’d share with you how to start the day the ~right~ way, by looking after yourself and setting yourself up for a good day.

A good day looks different for different people. For me, I’m wired to feel like my best days are my most productive ones. I’m trying to learn to slow down, so having a self-care morning routine helps position me into the right mindset to feel like my day is going to be productive, without running myself into the ground. Sound good?

Wake up early

UGH. I know. But it’s true that waking up a bit earlier than usual can be really good for you. I’m not talking about waking up hours earlier than you need to. In fact, just one hour will do.

With that hour, consider it ~you time~. Stay in your jammies and enjoy a cup of tea in peace, or stick on the telly for a bit to switch off and lull yourself into the day. Or maybe have a nice warm shower to wake yourself up.

If I wake up and immediately start thinking about “getting on with things”, I usually burn out by 3pm. Sound familiar? When I start the day slower and ease myself in I am often still alive and kicking even after the working day.

Don’t snooze!

In my humble opinion, the snooze button is the devil. If you have set an alarm to get up at a certain time – get up at that time! It’s not easy, but it is possible. If you struggle to get up in the morning, consider going to bed earlier.

Have a big ol’ glass of water

I’ve started doing this recently in an attempt to drink more water instead of the gallons of tea I consume. I make a big glass of water and aim to drink it all there and then. It helps wake your body up and keeps you hydrated. Just fair warning – when you first start doing it, you’ll need to wee a lot more often.

If you hate the taste of water on its own, try adding some squash to it. Personally, I love the taste of bottled water fresh out of the fridge, but might occasionally add some sugar-free high juice to mix things up like the bloody maverick I am.


I’ve really gotten into journalling recently. It started with the Happiness Planner (which ultimately wasn’t quite right for me), and now I’m using my #ThisIsMyEra journal to map out my day.

This includes jotting down my top three priorities, to-do list and daily schedule. I also note three things I am thankful for. It might sound cheesy if you’ve never done journalling before, but trust me – it’s a great daily habit to start.

Take your time

Another benefit of getting up earlier is that you aren’t rushing around getting ready for work. Whether you work from home, an office or on the road, we are all guilty sometimes of racing to get to work. Whether that’s guzzling your morning coffee quickly, or occasionally wearing odd socks because you didn’t have time to find a matching pair, it needs to stop.

Start getting ready for work ~mindfully~. Take in the smell of that morning coffee and savour it, plan an outfit that will make you feel confident and comfortable all day. Stop racing to the destination, and start appreciating the journey to get there.

Scroll through social media

OK, this one is a bit controversial, but if you enjoy a good Insta scroll or tweet catch up, let the morning be your opportunity to do it. You may even be less tempted to check regularly in the day if you allow yourself some time first thing.

Just remember though – comparison is the thief of joy. If your fave blogger is out in New York enjoying bagels and pizza, that doesn’t mean they are living a better life than you.

Have breakfast

So I’ll admit, I tend to have my breakfast at mid-morning once I’ve already done some work. For me, if I have breakfast early I just get hungry again. However, if you are an early breakfast fan, don’t skip it!

If you’re worried about breakfast taking up valuable “getting ready” time, make a breakfast that can be left to cook while you brush your hair, pack your bag or get dressed.

So there’s my self-care morning routine to inspire you to look after yourself better and start the day right! Do you have a morning routine and if so, how much does self-care come into play as you get yourself ready for work?