Self-Care: The Evening Routine

self care evening routine

So I’ve written about my morning self-care routine and my daily self-care routine, so what’s left? My evening routine, of course!

Evenings are my favourite time of day for a bit of self-care because I don’t feel the pressure of moving on to whatever I need to do next. In the evening, once the working day is finished you can really ~switch off~.

Netflix and ~chill out~

There are so many great TV shows and movies on Netflix that it’s a one-stop shop for great self-care chilling out material. Whether you fancy watching Friends episodes for the umpteenth time or checking out a movie you’ve never seen before, it’s a great way to switch off and unwind.

Y’know, once you’ve spent forever trying to decide what to watch.

Warm shower or bath

Once you’ve binged enough Netflix, hopping in a nice warm bath or shower is ~super relaxing~. I’m not really a bath person, so instead, I’ll have a nighttime shower and occasionally listen to my favourite Spotify playlist at the same time. Optional extra if you can be arsed – lather up with moisturiser after or pop on a facemask/hair treatment while in the bath.

Get into your comfies

After the working day is over, there are few things I love more than the liberation of existing without wearing a bra. Thrown in some cosy joggers or jammies and we are on to a winner.

Even if what you wear during the day isn’t ~uncomfortable~, joggers or jammies (and maybe a baggy hoody for extra slouch) will feel infinitely better than anything else in your wardrobe. FACT.

Do something creative

When I still have some energy left in the day, I sometimes like to use it doing something creative.

Whether that’s typing up a blog post (hey, that’s what I’m doing right now!), or working on another creative project, creativity is liberating for your brain – especially if you’ve had a hard day.

Think about the creative things you like to do and start incorporating them into your evening.

Daily reflection

In both my morning and daily self-care routine posts, I mention journalling. I find it really helpful, and the journal I use (This Is My Era Planner) has a section for evening reflection which asks what my wins/accomplishments of the day and the things I learnt.

While on some days I don’t have a lot to say about these when I do it’s a really cathartic way to round of the day and helps me end the day on a high.

A warm drink

Call me a baby, but I love a mug of warm milk before bed. It instantly relaxes me and gets me in the mood to snooze. It’s a little bit of comfort to end the day.

Other acceptable hot drinks include hot chocolate as well as decaf tea or coffee.

Do you also do most of your self-care in the evening? I’d love to know your evening self-care routine!


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