Self Belief: What Makes Me Awesome

How to believe in yourself

I’ll be honest – the past few months I haven’t been particularly good at believing in myself. After a breakup that is naturally still hurting a lot, and the subsequent life changes that have had to be made, self belief has been hard to come by.

It’s not always easy to believe in the motivational sayings, the quotes from philosophers and celebrities or even in the kind words from your friends and family. Losing self belief is much easier than gaining it back. But as someone who is a strong advocate for mental well being, and someone who often lingers on the end of the self belief spectrum which often makes me doubt myself, I know how important it is to make the effort to believe in yourself once more.

And that’s what it takes. Effort. A truck-load of the stuff. No more feeling sorry for yourself. No more dwelling over decisions you’ve made that might feel like the wrong ones. No more excuses to stay in bed, being upset and eating lots of rubbish. You’ve got to push yourself out of that comfort zone, and find that energy to reflect on what makes you completely awesome.

Is it your creative ability? Your social prowess? Maybe it’s your relationship towards others. It could be a multitude of things and I highly recommend you find the time to sit down, figure them out and most importantly…remember them! 

When I think about it, I think one of the most awesome things about me is how much I care. I’m a great friend and family member. I’m a sensitive soul who will take the time to understand, sympathise and help in any way I can. Sometimes I can’t help, and that’s frustrating, often upsetting even. But I’ll try as hard as I can.

What makes you awesome?

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  1. 100 Ways To Happy

    I love this post Cat. You're completely right, we're all awesome in our own way, we just need to figure out what way that is. And we don't need to be awesome in the same way as the person next to us might be, I think that's an important thing to remember too.

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