Seasonal Berries Sensory Experiment

Cor, try saying that blog title fast!

So recently, the lovely Loriley contacted me on behalf of Seasonal Berries to let me know about an experiment they had done all about the taste of strawberries.

Now, I don’t need any sort of excuse to tuck into a strawb, as they are my absolute favourite fruit, but when a PR gets in touch and wants to send you a few bits for you to relax and eat, I’m definitely game!

When my ‘sensory experiment pack’ arrived, I was pretty excited to see what I’d get and to get a bit more clarity on what the experiment involved. I’d been sent a few links to some soundscapes on Youtube (I’ll post the links at the end!), and aside from that I wasn’t sure what to expect.

The pack included: one red bowl, a Freshly Cut Grass fragrance candle, a tea cup, tea bag, sun cream and a gift card from Tesco to pick up a punnet of strawberries. Inside was also a note to let me know what to do!

Basically, the experiment was to see if strawberries taste different if you place yourself in separate situations. The pack contents, plus the soundscapes were designed especially to evoke memories of sitting on the beach, having a picnic in the park, relaxing in the garden and simply enjoying the strawberry sweetness as a ‘control taste’ on its own.

On Sunday night I decided to sit down and give it a go and see if I really did notice a change in taste. I sat myself down at our dining room table with the lights down low, with a view of the garden as my company.

I really enjoyed giving this test a go, as it was a lovely opportunity to just relax and concentrate on nothing more than the taste of the strawberries.

I found that the most pertinent ‘situation’ was the beach – with the sound of the seagulls and the combination of smells from sun cream and strawberry – this was the best tasting strawberry by far! I also found that drinking the tea also made the sweetness last that bit longer. I’d never have thought to drink tea with strawberries, but it’s well worth a try!

If you fancy getting experimental yourself, you can find all the soundscapes and instructions here.

Many thanks to Seasonal Berries for letting me get involved!

Disclaimer: Note that all products within this post were kindly provided by Seasonal Berries for the purpose of the experiment.

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