Saturday Snapshots

Just a quick update today! We had a pretty busy weekend so I haven’t had time to have a proper sit down to blog or much time to catch up with yours, either. Saturday was a particularly hectic day made up of gardening and popping to dinner at The Old House At Home, a small traditional pub that’s a 10 minute drive from us. 
The food and service is usually pretty good, but they stuck us right next to the door, which was a bit of a nightmare as Liam’s Mum had brought the family dog, Bailey who is about the size of a small bear…naturally he kept getting in the way! One of the bar maids was lovely and even gave him a couple of treats, but another was a bit rude about it all. The rack of lamb all three of us (humans) ordered was quite nice, but not as tasty as I had hoped! 
Anyway, here’s a few snapshots of the day…(apologies, they are iPhone snaps!)

Frederick the frog made an appearance when we started sorting out our pond which has become a bit of a jungle as of late!

Bailey getting a bit bored of no one paying him any attention. He decided to respond to this by misbehaving for a bit, until he got a telling off!

Like mother, like son. Liam and his Mum doing some fishing.

The pond pump was broken, and so we needed someone to get in and take a look…poor Liam was the victim!
To celebrate everyone’s hard work (OK, I didn’t really contribute much more than a bit of tidying and holding bags open…), we headed to the pub for dinner.

So that was our Saturday! Sunday was relatively chilled out…I took about 100 photos of items to put on eBay (I only got round to listing about half of them…I’ll do a separate short post on this probably!), and other than that we just mooched about!

How was your weekend?

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