Ross Noble’s Tangentleman at Portsmouth Guidhall

Ross Noble Tangentleman comedy at Portsmouth Guidhall
Back in 2013 (yes really), I ordered a couple of tickets to see Ross Noble for Liam’s birthday present. Fast forward over a year later, and the show was finally here! 
We went to see Noble a few years back on his Nonsensory Overload tour which was also at the Guildhall and absolutely loved it, so we had high hopes for Tangentleman. 
When we arrived, reality sunk in that we were 5 rows from the front. Amazingly exciting at a music gig or theatre show, but slightly nerve-wracking at a comedy show. Luckily, we had nothing to worry about as the put-downs did not come our way.

Here’s our slightly nervous but excited faces before the show begun. And yes, the seats did fill out closer to showtime!

If you’ve never seen Ross Noble live before, I can confidently tell you that you absolutely must catch him on tour. He is a comic genius and pretty much improvises the whole show, and therefore every performance you see will be unique. 
The performance we saw included such hilarity as woodland sex dreams (all strung out from Ross spotting a single feather fall from the rafters), and how the first sign you see when driving into Portsmouth is “OUT OF CITY” – plus naturally a few swipes at how classy the city is too…
Despite the big stage and incredible set design (he designs his backdrops and they’re usually inflatable!), seeing him live feels like having an incredibly funny friend who is brilliantly quick at weaving crazy narratives and jokes. He goes off on so many tangents, but always comes back to each one throughout the show. 
I love that you can always tell what a fantastic time he is having, even when there’s the odd heckler – which was fortunately not a problem this time round (last time we saw him there were a few drunk people trying to ruin things for us all!). He’s great at chatting with the audience and is never cruel with it, which would explain why he has such a strong legion of fans. So much in fact, that as part of his shows, fans leave gifts on the stage during the interval, which make up a part of the end of the show. 
The show was definitely worth every penny, and I am certain we will go out of our way to make sure we get tickets for when he tours in the area again!

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