15 Reasons Why I Blog

Reasons why I blog

You may have noticed things have been a bit quiet around these parts lately – to be honest, I’ve been so busy pouring all my energy into projects and client work for my business, that I simply haven’t had the creative energy to write for this little space on the Internet.

But I want that to change. I love blogging, and I enjoy having a “just for fun” outlet to do it. There’s no pressure if the content absolutely sucks (which I’m *hoping* it doesn’t?), and no deadlines to reach to appease anyone but myself.

So yeah…hi! I’m back, and I thought it would make a lot of sense to write a blog post about why I blog. Y’know, partly to potentially be #relatable to my fellow blogger readers, but also as a reminder to myself to try and find more time and energy for this hobby of mine.

  1. I love writing creatively. At Uni, essays were the bane of my life and I desperately missed being able to write creatively about what I want, when I want. Setting up this blog a few years after graduating gave me an outlet to really get back into it.
  2. Having a blog has really developed my digital skills and my overall interest in the digital industry. Sure, I wouldn’t call myself an SEO expert, but I do confidently call myself a blogging/content marketing expert. My blog led me into a career of working client-side, agency-side and now for myself!
  3. One of the things I enjoy the most about blogging is helping others – whether that’s through being open about my mental health, sharing blogging tips or even my beauty reviews which I started writing because I wasn’t seeing other reviews online that really *spoke* to me.
  4. I’m not here to make money from this blog – I do that by freelancing working for other clients. While I do get the occasional sponsored post opportunity, I enjoy the lack of pressure to appease brands. Sure, some more pocket money would be nice to bolster my freelance income when things go quiet, but I don’t feel the need to “put myself out there” amongst all the many other bloggers who can do it better.
  5. Most of the time I love the community. All the subtweets and other dramz aside, the blogging community can be utterly aces because I can talk to like-minded people online and have even made IRL friends from it, too.
  6. This blog is a bit like a diary for me – I can open up a new post in WordPress and type away to create something that will *hopefully* resonate with others…and even if it doesn’t, it’s still a cathartic process! By chronicling my mental health journey here, I can see real, tangible progress as well as provide others with content to enjoy.
  7. I REALLY LIKE COMMENTS, YOU GUYS. I mean, who doesn’t? Well, OK maybe Youtubers who get a bunch of hate, but OMG I adore getting comments from readers who have read my posts. Whether they are just letting me know they enjoyed reading the post, or that they have related to things I’ve said…it makes me feel warm and fuzzy, gang.
  8.   I’ve always felt like a bit of an outsider, given that I’m not into typically “girly” things like fashion, but blogging has opened up a whole new world (*bursts into song*), allowing me to find people online that talk about the stuff I do care about.
  9. Blogging sometimes holds me accountable. For example, blogging about living intentionally recently has spurred me on to continue practising what I preach. Partly because it’s been hugely beneficial to me, but also because I’m already thinking about future blog posts I can write about the topic.
  10. Don’t throw up, but blogging has helped me build my own “personal brand” online and it’s hugely gratifying to know that I am a go-to source for stuff (mainly Google Analytics, which I’m especially proud of given that prior to becoming a GA nerd, I had no interest in data or stats whatsoever)
  11. Although I’m not always great at remembering to do this, blogging gives me something to do that I find enjoyable but still productive. As an anxious person, I struggle to relax and so always feel like I need to be doing something. I end up feeling really crappy about myself if that “something” is just binging Youtube videos or scrolling through Instagram for hours on end. However, if I can smash out a blog post I feel *insert thumbs up emoji*.
  12. Writing on a regular basis for my job can be quite draining, so turning to my blog and allowing the words to flow more naturally is a great way to get my creativity back on track. Anyone who works in a creative role will know that you can’t just “switch it on”, but you can warm it up and that’s what this blog regularly does for me.
  13. I have to confess that I do relish the gratification you get from seeing your blog stats go up. Luckily, I’m not hard on myself when they aren’t so great because I usually know why (duh, I haven’t blogged in ages or my Buffer queue ran out and I forgot about it). Checking my Analytics on the reg might be frowned upon by some, but I quite like checking how much traffic I’ve had in a day and where it’s come from!
  14. Blogging is a challenge – but it’s a fun one! It’s more hard work than it looks to someone who hasn’t blogged before, but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Even if a post doesn’t get much traffic, I still feel like I’ve really achieved something special when I hit that Publish button!
  15. I recently realised that one day I’d love to publish a book – and I really feel like some of the content on the blog already (and posts in the future) are forming the foundation of that. Although I’m under no illusion that blogging and writing a book are remotely the same, I know I can look back at posts on here and they will spark an idea or inspiration for my future bestseller (lol OK maybe optimistic but time will tell, eh?).

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