Readers Survey Results 2015

Blogger reader survey results

The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that I have been running a reader’s survey for a little while now. I really wanted to gauge the thoughts of my regular readers to find out their feelings about the blog. I also threw in a few questions about blogging in general which may turn out to be useful for other bloggers as well.

The survey ran throughout July and into August. It was made up of 9 questions, with a mix of questions specifically about this blog, and about the wider blogging community. In the interest of being honest and clear, the survey did not receive a huge amount of responses (21 in total), but although the number of respondents was small, I think there were definitely a fair share of takeaways from the results.

My Audience

It didn’t surprise me at all that 100% of the respondents were female and aged 25-32. It makes perfect sense given that I myself am female and 25 years old. It also reflects very similar data to the Demographics report on my Google Analytics account for this blog.

Blog Reading Habits

I decided to ask people when they were most likely to read blogs – which days and which times (all which were applicable). I was curious as to what would be most (and least) popular, so I could consider switching up my blogging schedule to match.

It turns out that Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday evenings are favoured by 50% of the respondents. The timeframe was between 9pm – midnight.

The least popular times for people to be reading blogs were Saturdays (almost 40% said they don’t read blogs at all on Saturdays), and Friday mornings, where just 2 of the respondents said they read blogs between 7am-11am. Friday nights were surprisingly popular with 44% of respondents selecting this option.

I’m not sure whether my results are decisive enough to make any major changes to my schedule, although I am seriously reconsidering whether it’s worth even posting on Saturdays!

Following Blogs

Bloglovin was the big winner here, with 44% of respondents saying they catch up with new posts on the platform. Twitter and Facebook were neck and neck runner ups with 22%. I also asked how readers specifically keep up with my blog, and Bloglovin was the clear winner with 60%.

I think I’ve definitely underestimated how many bloggers used BL, purely because I don’t really use it that much as I favour Feedly’s UI on it’s app. I have seen a steady increase in followers on BL lately though which is encouraging.

Favourite Posts

As my blog is pretty varied in its content, I was curious to find out the types of posts my readers prefer. Lifestyle posts triumphed, earning 44% of the vote, followed by motivational posts with 22%.

This was pretty much what I was expecting – although I did expect Blogging Advice to rank higher (just 2 respondents selected this option). A lot of time and energy goes into my blogging posts, and I do generally get a decent response from you guys saying they’ve really helped, so they certainly won’t be going anywhere!

In terms of what readers wanted to see more of, Life posts took 66% of the vote, followed by Food with 55% and TV & Film at 44%. I’m definitely upping the Life and Food posts lately, so I’ll have to work on the entertainment stuff too.

Reason For Reading

It’s always a little bit nerve-wracking to ask people to justify why they enjoy your blog. I’m not sure why, given that the community is incredibly supportive. I was really chuffed to discover that 72% of readers read more about cat due to the personality, and variety of content.

I’ll definitely not be making any changes to how I write and what I write – I was worried I would never gain anyone’s interest by writing about so many different things, but this result has just proved I needn’t have been concerned!

So there we have it! I was really pleased that people took the time to share their thoughts, as I was paranoid that no one would reply despite my not so subtle linking at the end of posts as well as in the sidebar.

If you’re nervous of putting yourself out there by creating a reader’s survey, you needn’t be as it’s really useful and insightful.

Have you ever conducted a reader’s survey? Let me know how it went in the comments, or pop me a tweet if you have any questions about creating your own.

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