Photography Tips For Lazy People (Like Me)

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My photography has improved a lot over the years of blogging – but my philosophy on taking photos for my blog hasn’t really changed all that much. I’m inherently lazy when it comes to taking photos for my blog because it’s not the part I enjoy. I love the wordy bit but know I need at least one photo to grab people’s attention.

Sure, I can put together a half-decent flatlay and make the necessary Photoshop tweaks to make it look a bit more ~appealing~, but compared to the more established blogger who has a top-notch DSLR and actual real natural light coming into their home, my photos are pretty average.

But y’know what, that’s OK. Photos don’t need to be perfect to get people to read your blog. So if you’re lazy like me and would rather hone their writing skills than learn about ISO and apertures, then here are some nifty tricks for you.

Pick the time of day carefully

This is easier said than done, especially at this time of year and if you work full time. Try batch taking photos at the weekend, or taking a camera out with you on your way to work and finding somewhere to take some natural snaps.

Obviously, it depends on what you’re taking a photo of as to how possible this is, but you could always take photos out in your garden on a weekend morning to make the most of natural light without having to get up earlier in the morning to do it before work.

Use a point and shoot

Learning the ins and outs of a DSLR is time-consuming, and not lazy person certified.

Instead, get a compact point and shoot which does all the hard work for you, and also doesn’t weigh a tonne which means you’re more likely to take it out day to day. You could also use your phone if you’re not going to be shooting in low lighting.

Get wallpaper samples

Need a background for your flatlays? Get wallpaper samples for a quick, cost-effective way of getting a photo for your blog post.

I own a roll of plain white wallpaper I picked up from Wilko for about a fiver, and I mix up the background occasionally by adding some wrapping paper from Paperchase or Etsy. Make sure to opt for matte papers to prevent glare!

Make the most of Photoshop

Anyone who is decent at Photoshop can tell the vast majority of my photos have been edited. There’s nowt wrong with editing your photos though.

I edit mine to try and reduce shadow and help colours “pop”. The tools I use the most are brightness and contrast, levels, curves and the quick selection tool to select areas if I need to just edit parts of the photo. That last one is a lifesaver if you have a white background which has come out grey, and you just want to lighten it slightly rather than lighten every item in the image. It can get a bit fiddly…but practice makes passable!

Take photos from multiple angles

I know, that sounds like ~more work~ which is not what you want, but it will pay off when you come to going through your snaps and choosing the right one(s) to use. If you take 20 photos of the same thing, at the same angle you’ll have 20 of the same mistake. Take photos from multiple angles, and you’ll find the one where the light hit just right and the shadow was as minimal as possible.

While many things can be tweaked in Photoshop, it’s best to have some options to work with as you’ll otherwise end up having to create the flatlay/set up all over again because none of the photos came out right.

So there we have it – a few photography tips for lazy people like me who really just wish that photos would take themselves and be bloody beautiful with no editing required. But hey, we live in an imperfect world so hopefully these tips will help taking photos feel less like a chore!

Are you lazy when it comes to taking blog photos, or is it your favourite bit? Any extra tips would be greatly appreciated down in the comments!


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