#Life #Mental Health

Juggling Our Successes


Oh hey! As I type this (several days before posting because #organised), I’m a bowl of Cookie Crisp cereal down and feeling the sweet sweet relief that comes with throwing on your comfy joggers after a day at work. So what […]


Bloggers, We Need To Stop Apologising


I’ve noticed recently that we’ve become really good at apologising for something that we don’t need to. My Twitter timeline and blog feed is filled with messages to readers saying sorry for not posting content when a blog lays dormant […]

#Life #Mental Health

Owning Who You Are


I’ve never been the “cool” kid. SHOCKER I know. I always hung out with the outcasts at school, and have never been particularly interested in being popular. I won’t lie and tell you it was always easy, because there was […]


Introducing A New Blogging Community!


Ahhh! I’m excited about this one. After a few days of setting things up and making sure it’s just right, I am pleased to announce that I have created a new blogging community where bloggers can chat together, share ideas, ask […]


Things That Bother Me At The Gym


I’ve been a gym-goer since the beginning of the year and although I’m not the most consistent with my gym trips, I go a fair amount. Because of this there are certain things that really, really bother me when I do go along for a […]