The Body Shop Peppermint Footcare

August 6, 2013

  With the changing climate lately, particularly the high heat, my sensitive skin gets upset particularly easy. My feet in particular do not cope well with extremities. Now, I hate…

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Settlers of Catan

August 4, 2013

As a couple, me and Liam are a bit obsessed with board games (yeah, we’re such rock stars). Liam buys them, and I beat him at them. The latest to…

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Why it’s great that Breaking Bad will be streamed on UK Netflix

July 29, 2013

Breaking Bad is my absolute favourite show – I think it may well be the best thing on TV at the moment. On US TV anyway, because the show didn’t…

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Southsea Food Festival

July 27, 2013

Hi! Last weekend, me and Liam went to the local Food Festival which happens over one weekend every year. It usually means Pimms, and this year was no exception. We…

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Graduation Day

July 24, 2013

On Monday it was Liam’s Graduation day, following a year’s hard work studying for his Masters. He actually finished his Masters in September, but they wait until the undergraduate ceremonies…

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4 things with Ryan Gosling’s face on

July 22, 2013

Who doesn’t love Ryan Gosling? If you raised your hand or pointed at yourself and thought “Me – I hate Ryan Gosling!”, then go and watch Drive, and try again.…

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I’m on Bloglovin!

July 20, 2013

Do feel free to follow more about cat on Bloglovin, by clicking here. In each post I now create, there will be a handy link to my Google+, Twitter and…

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