October Roundup

Oh October, you’ve been ~manic~ haven’t you?

Last month, I introduced my new “end of month highlights” format – moving from monthly favourites to roundups so that I could be more goals focused rather than just telling you what I ate a lot of that month. Although for the record, this month it was scrambled egg on toast.

October’s Personal Achievements

Last month, I vowed to try and eat healthier again after failing in September. LOL guess who failed again? I also didn’t get to the gym more which I promised I would do too. So much for writing down goals to make you accountable, eh?

In all fairness, I did kind of sort of try to be better this month – I’ve increased my water intake at least so I’m not having quite so many end of the day headaches.

My defence for this pathetic attempt at reaching my goals (let’s face it, I barely tried at all), is that we are moving home! After a year of searching, we found a house we love and have basically had about 2 weeks to pack up our lives and relocate an hour up the M27/M3 from Chichester to Basingstoke.

As you read this (Happy Halloween btw), we’ll have officially moved out, and tomorrow is the final “admin” with the cleaning and handing back the keys.

Anyway, I digress. The one goal I did manage to achieve this month was to make more social plans. Partly because y’know, it’s now going to be harder to see some people, but also because meeting up with lovely people makes my heart smile.

October’s Favourites

Tbh, my favourite thing about this month is that we are going to be starting our new adventure in Basingstoke!

It’s nervewracking because I don’t know many people from the area, and I will need to establish my business in a new location but I’m also super excited to have a house with more space, to be close to a bigger town (for when I actually have money and can go shopping).

Another highlight from this month was spending a week looking after my parent’s dog, Dexter. Dexter is my little bro, and he was an absolute angel to look after. Except for on one occasion when he was in the garden in the dark barking his head off at a dead bird and I had to try and coax him in. What a sausage. Read about the positive impact dogsitting had on my mental health.

October’s Business Achievements

In the interest of honesty, this month hasn’t exactly been the best for the business so far! However, I did manage to finish my business plan which I set to do, and also ran my first two Facebook Live sessions. I thought the first session was pants, but definitely felt more at ease in the second and have scheduled another two for November!

My third goal for this month was to gain two new clients. I didn’t ~quite~ manage that as it’s a quiet time of year, but I did regain an old client for a 4-month project, and did a one-off project for someone else so it wasn’t all tumbleweed!

October’s Business Income

The last few months of the year are always super quiet, and this month was even quieter than expected for new work. It’s been really tough, as I’ve had to really pinch the pennies and even sell a few bits on eBay to make an extra income.

I did get paid for the end of a project which started in August, so that did boost things a little bit. My total freelance income was £507.50.

It’s too early to tell if my #Blogtober campaign will bring in any further enquiries, but throughout November I’m going to be running a campaign all about online marketing strategy to hopefully get one or two clients onboard for my strategy service.

November’s Personal Goals

Be more mindful with my diet

November is my birthday month, so there’s little point in making goals to do with eating healthier because let’s face it, the first week (my birthday is on Sunday), is going to mostly be made up of takeaways while we move into the new house and cake and a meal out for my birthday itself.

So, instead of saying I’m going to eat healthier, I’m going to try and be more mindful of what I eat and listen to my body. Eating junk doesn’t agree with me, and so I need to limit the treat yoself mentality and hear what my body needs.

Meet new people!

My second goal for November is going to be to try and put myself out there. I want to meet new people in Basingstoke that are around my age and at a similar/the same life stage. It’s hard when you’re in your late twenties to meet new people, so I want to research and join any clubs or groups that are going to make that goal easier to achieve.

November’s Business Goals

Gain a strategy client

Two strategy clients would be great because they’d keep me afloat for a few months, but if I set my goal for just the one, I can still feel satisfied in selling other services. November, December and to some degree January are going to keep my inbox quiet, but as long as I do all I can to promote the business, I’ll be happy.

Network lots!

From the research I’ve done already, it looks as if Basingstoke and the areas around could be quite lucrative for my business – but only if I get myself out there! I want to attend at least 2 networking events in November so that I can start meeting fellow business owners and hopefully gain a client or two!

This month I am going to try harder to be accountable for these goals – if you have any tips on how to make sure that happens, let me know down in the comments! What are your goals for November?


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