Now That I’m 25…

Is it still acceptable to wear Batman pyjamas (and socks)?

Should I be reading the newspaper instead of comics and blogs?

Is it time to start thinking about marriage and children?

Should I have a home, a mortgage?

Isn’t my student loan supposed to be paid off by now?

Is it OK that I still don’t know what APR is?

Will I ever get taller?!

Should I be worried that I’m half-way to 50?

My answers, in chronological order: Always,  Never, Definitely not, If I won the lottery, It’ll never get paid off, I’ll never know what it means, Probably not, Maybe a little.

What do you think?

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  1. Chez Autumn

    Haha at 24 I also ask these questions as well as 'Am I going to be the crazy animal lady?' :/ APR is a competition in my mind of how big a number can you put in front of a '%' ^^ Ahh mortgages and family, you're scaring me now! *hides back under duvet*

  2. Cat Fyson

    I am fairly certain already that I will be a crazy animal lady in the future! APR is just one of those acronyms I will never understand hah. Hopefully I won't ever need to! x

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