Night Of The Living Deadpool

Night of the living Deadpool graphic novel

Sometimes it’s nice for a comic to just be a bit of fun, y’know? No ground-breaking story, no epic battles or moral messages. That’s Night Of The Living Deadpool all over.

Liam kindly gifted me this graphic novel for my birthday, after I pointed it out as a story I thought I’d enjoy. I wasn’t wrong – it’s funny, and a great introduction to Deadpool as a character. You get a flavour for his mannerisms and vocabulary which deems him the ‘Merc with a Mouth’.

The story, in a nutshell is that Deadpool wakes up from a food induced coma to find out the zombie apocalypse is in full swing. The signs had been there before, but now the world really is coming to an end. He’s the only ‘superhero’ left, so will he save the day?

Deadpool comic

There are a shed-load of zombie media tropes in the story, very deliberately there to be recognisable and likely to show some respect for Romero, Kirkman etc. At first the story felt all a bit too familiar, but Deadpool’s way with words carried things well.

Deadpool artwork

The reason I was curious about Deadpool is probably quite a shallow one for Marvel fans – I heard the movie was being made, and wanted to get to know the character so that when the movie does eventually come out, I can see if they’ve done him justice. This collection is well worth a read (it’s pretty short though, I’d read it in less than half an hour!).

Deadpool comic review

I’ll definitely be reading more Deadpool in the future –  so if you have any recommendations let me know in the comments!

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