My New Favourite Deodorant Is Natural & Cruelty Free

schmidt's natural deodorant review

That’s right folks, I’m coming back at ya again with a #glam beauty review. You can take your Naked palettes and posh bath lotions, and I’ll take a lotion that fixes my flaky dry skin, and now this BANGIN’ deodorant that has sorted out me sweaty pits.

A month or so back, I tweeted asking for recommendations of natural deodorants because I wanted to do away with the aerosols that end up making me cough every time I spray and are also bloody useless when it comes to combatting sweat. Not to mention that they’re a bit shit for the environment.

A few of you tweeted me back with some suggestions, including Schmidt’s, who proceeded to slide into my DMs like a cheeky so and so and give me an offer I couldn’t possibly refuse. Schmidt’s offered to send me a selection of deodorants to try out. No strings attached. They didn’t even ask for a review. But hot damn, I’m so impressed that they’re getting a review anyway.

So what is it that makes this natural deodorant so great? Well first and foremost, it frickin’ works.

Y’see, I have been hunting down a deodorant that will keep me dry and smelling fresh all day for what feels like forever. I’m not gonna lie to you folks, I sweat a lot. As a teenager it was even worse, with t-shirts being ruined by either sweat marks or the desperate attempts of applying deodorant that stuck to the fabric and didn’t wash out properly. But now as an bonafide adult, I still get sweaty easily. I tried Mitchum because that’s what everyone says to try and it didn’t work for me at all.

After going through disappointment after disappointment with deodorants, you can probably understand my scepticism behind using a natural product. Isn’t it all the chemicals and bad shit that creates the nice smell? Well turns out I was 100% wrong.

The parcel from Schmidt’s took a few weeks to arrive as they kindly shipped it over from the US. In the parcel was the 3 deodorants you see above, some soap, and some charcoal toothpaste to try out (fyi, charcoal toothpaste is another natural product I was looking to try and so it was a nice surprise to receive some!).

I was instantly drawn to the Bergamot and Lime natural deodorant, as I love the smell of limes and the idea of smelling like one all day was a dream I never realised I had. The scent is really fresh but not overly sweet which is perfect for me.

With all of these deodorants, they are a creamy roll on which you apply directly to your skin. I found that when putting it on there was some residue, so I simply rubbed this in to the skin. Fast forward to the end of the day and by golly, not only did I feel dry, I could still smell the lime scent. MIRACLES DO HAPPEN, FOLKS.

Whilst I wasn’t exactly running a marathon that day, I can start getting wet-sweaty (mmmm) after the least amount of activity possible. I don’t even have to be wearing many layers. Which makes the feat of this deodorant even more impressive.

I’ve now been using this natural deodorant for a couple of weeks and I am 100% still impressed. Every day I’ve worn it, I’ve stayed smelling fresh af all day – and what more could I ask for in life?

I am yet to try out the Charcoal and Jasmine tea varieties, but they both smell pretty decent and I’m excited to give them a go once the lime goodness has all gone. The charcoal one has a more earthy, masculine scent which smells a bit like the sea, and the Jasmine – to absolutely no one’s surprise – is more floral.

If you fancy giving these a go, Schmidt’s Natural products can be bought on Amazon. Here’s some affiliate links if you fancy picking them up yourself:

I’m always looking for new natural, cruelty-free products to try so feel free to link up your faves in the comments!

These products were sent to me by Schmidt's Naturals as a gift with no obligation to review, but I liked them so much I couldn't resist. This post includes Amazon affiliate links.

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