Nailbiter Volume 1 Review

Guys, it feels like such a long time since I wrote a comic review! Shame on me, because it means I haven’t been reading enough comics. I actually have multiple volumes on my bookshelf that I haven’t picked up and read through just yet, and one book I have only got part way through. Consider my wrist slapped.
The week before last, I decided to buck the trend and get back into reading a graphic novel. Instead of turning to the Batman volumes, or the volume of Preacher I made a valiant start at,  I opted for a newer story to my collection – Nailbiter.
I picked this up from Waterstones some time ago now, as it was £7 and looked interesting. Not only is the cover cool, but when I read the blurb I was definitely intrigued. Let me give you a spoiler-free overview of what it’s all about…
Nailbiter is the given nickname of a serial killer who chews off his victims fingernails before killing them. Gross, right? In volume 1, this psychopath is just a piece of the puzzle in a small town famous for birthing and raising 16 different serial killers, each with their own trademark. I imagine he’ll come into his own more as the series goes on.
So as not to spoil the twists and turns of the story, I’ll instead let you know that this is well worth a read if you like your serial killer stories (think Dexter), with a sprinkle of dark humour for good measure. There’s also a fair few elements of mystery inthere
As I always like to add my two cents about the artwork in comics, I’ll say that I really liked the artists style, and it reminded me a lot of the artwork for Chew, but grittier. 
Whether you’re new to comics, or a seasoned reader, I’d recommend Nailbiter to try out and see how you find it. I’ve already made a start on Volume 2!
Buy Volume 1 from Amazon here.

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