blogging plans for 2018


It’s almost 2018 you guys. Seriously. Before you know it you’ll be drunkenly swaying, champers in hand and slurring Auld Lang Syne which is one of those songs that I don’t think anyone actually knows beyond the first few words. Unless you’re Scottish, in which case you might know a few more.

Anyway, being that the shit show of 2017 is almost over, I’ve been having a ponder over what I want to do with this space on the Internet next year.

Fear not friends, it shall live on as I bloody love a bit of blogging – so here’s my blogging plans for 2018…

I’m going to be…more consistent

I always feel hella good looking at my stats for weeks or months that I have managed to post consistently. There’s a sense of pride I get from sharing 3 posts in one week.

Some people feel pride when their kid takes their first step, or they graduate with their undergrad degree. That’s the pride I feel when I get my shit together and have enough scheduled content that I don’t get that blogger panic and desperately try searching for an idea which 100% of the time results in precisely zero ideas.

So my first step in making my blogging plans for 2018 involves promising myself that I am going to start scribbling down ideas, even if only in their infancy, and dedicate the time to doing those ideas justice.

I’ll be digging out my Epic Blog planner (the link is an Amazon affiliate but I legit think this planner is aces), and plotting my ideas, allowing myself the time to flesh them out and create sparkly content I’m proud of.

I also plan on carrying on the two series I have over here (Monthly Favourites and What I’ve Been Watching). The jury is out on whether I’ll introduce anything new like that, but if you have anything you’d like to see regularly here then I’m all ears. Or eyes, I guess.

I’m going to give… more shout outs

This year I’ve been absolutely crap at finding time to read other blogs, and in 2018 that changes. I want to discover more blogs and also share those blogs to a wider audience. Sure, I don’t have much clout in the blogging community, but we should all be lifting each other tbh.

I’m not sure yet in what way I’m going to be giving these shout outs. Perhaps a round up post every once in a while of the blogs I’ve enjoyed reading, pop out a tweet a few times a week with a particularly good post, or maybe share over on Insta stories my fave IG accounts to give a big F-YOU to IG for making engagement totally crud this year. We shall see. Suggestions on a postcard, plz.

In typical me fashion, I’m also sitting on the fence about creating a newsletter in 2018 (like everyone else ha). It’s something I’ve wanted to do for a little while but never plucked up the courage to put it together in case no one wants to sign up. I want the newsletter to be a bit different to the other blogger ones out there already, but I think one thing I’d like to keep that other blogger newsletters do is shout outs to fave posts.

I’m going to learn…from those who inspire me

I’m determined in 2018 to take the time to grow, so the next part of my blogging plans for 2018 is to study from the bloggers that inspire me to keep blogging. To take the time to absorb their content and follow their journey in a way that gives me the kick up the bum to take blogging more seriously.

In the blogging community, there are a fair few game changers – those with influence who don’t let it go to their heads. Those that remain as humble and honest as before their rise in popularity. Those are the people I’ll be watching in 2018.

I still have no ambitions to take my blog full time, to become “famous” for this slice of gibberish on the web, but I think you can still take blogging more seriously as a hobby and as a way of developing your skills without wanting to make that dolla dolla bill, y’all.

I’m going to revamp…the look

So I’ve mentioned previously about the new look that has already started to take shape around these parts (check out my recent post about it here), but I’m hoping in 2018 I’ll have a bit of disposable income to get a completely new design.

I do like how it looks at the moment, but I’ve seen some other themes that feel more in-line with how I want my content to appear.

I also really want to improve my photography, because as sad as it is there are posts on here (including recent ones) where I straight up hate the photos but couldn’t find the time or energy to make them good enough.

Sure it’s partly down to the lack of natural light at this time of year, but there’s an element of “this will do” when I get a bit bored of sifting through 85394583 shots that are basically the same.

What are your blogging plans for 2018?