My Artbox Picks

Adventure Time T-Shirt | Domo Batman Plush | Sugar Hotel Panda-Saurus Notebook | Pikachu Baking Mould | Moomin Plate

I’m a sucker for all things adorable – it’s why I have quite an expansive plush toy collection. Which is completely normal for someone in their mid twenties, honest.

Artbox is one of my favouite shops ever for all things cutesy, and their store in Covent Garden is too good for words.

Two of my plush toys come from there (along with a few other bits including a panda tote bag and some stationary bits), and I wish I could add to the collection – but seeing as I am looking at saving money for the big move, I decided instead to put the wishlist above together, collecting my current favourite items they have on the site.

There’s so many things on the Artbox site that I completely love. They have a huge selection of Moomin stuff which is always adorable (especially their plates which are so intricate and lovely), but my highlight of these picks has got to be the Pikachu baking mould. 
Have you ever shopped at Artbox? I love buying from their site as they make it dead easy and are always speedy on their deliveries too!

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