Music To Move To: My Workout Picks

January 30, 2018

I am not a gym bunny. I do not like the gym but I do like how I feel after a good workout.

A good workout is usually one where I’ve pushed myself because let’s face it, we’re all guilty of a gym session where we’ve taken it easy and not pushed ourselves at all. Some exercise is better than none, right?

The best workouts for me are those where I start to feel like OMG GONNA DIE…but then you get past that phase and feel like OMG I’M DOING GOOD.

And y’know what I have to thank as motivation for those workouts? Music. Sweet, sweet music. The songs I listen to make a world of difference as to how I push myself. So naturally, I try and listen to those songs that push me the hardest…and you’ll never guess what they are.

But first, let’s talk about these abso beautiful earphones from Sudio shall we?

[left]A few year’s ago, I reviewed Sudio’s TVA earphones which were kindly gifted to me from Sudio in return for a blog post. They fast became my everyday earphones and replaced the boring af Apple ones. The sound quality of the Sudio earphones is significantly better, and they are also much more robust than Apple. So, naturally I was delighted when they reached out to me again recently to send me another pair – this time in this amazingly basic bitch pink colour (they even have rose gold detailing).

So let me tell you a story about Sudio earphones.

Once upon a time, I was at the gym on the rowing machine. I was listening to a podcast, and then suddenly…YANK. I’d caught the wire of the earphone underneath the seat of the machine. I felt for sure they were going to break just as soon as I moved the seat back to dislodge the wire. Nope. My trusty Sudio’s had a slight dent in the rubber ribbon wire but still worked perfectly. I bet my Apple ones would have exploded or something.

You might be thinking “maybe she should just be more careful with things?” – to that I say HAVE YOU MET ME? Well, you might not have but all you need to know is that I am super clumsy so good quality earphones that can withstand my stupidity are 100% a requirement.

If you’re clumsy af like I am, or just fancy getting your hands on some gorgeous earphones with ace sound then you can get 15% off your order by using code ‘moreaboutcat’

Shall we move on to the music? Here’s my top picks for workout songs that help me burn more calories…[/left]


The Greatest Showman soundtrack

I am obsessed.

It might not be a ‘traditional’ choice for working out to, but I insist you try out running on a treadmill along to “The Greatest Show”. It’s gonna work up a sweat for sure. “From Now On”, “This is Me” and “The Other Side” are other workout highlights.

Bruno Mars

If you haven’t worked out to “Uptown Funk” yet, have you even worked out? The only issue with doing this at the gym is the temptation to attempt to dance like this absolute legend and obviously sing along too…

Sidenote: ’24k Magic’ is also a great treadmill song.

Katy Perry



Talk about #motivation , am I right? I always find these two songs help me move faster. They get me into some sort of zone where I feel like I’m smashing it which pushes that feeling of “cba can I go home now?” way, way down.

Moana soundtrack

Lol yup, another soundtrack.

Well, it’s really just one particular song – “You’re Welcome”. I have no idea why this one gets me going but I always pick up the pace when this plays. It also makes me smile whenever I hear it, which really helps when you start getting a stitch or feel like your arms are giving up after one too many kettlebell lifts.

Royal Blood

You can take your ‘dance anthems’ and shove ’em tbh, because rock music is more my bag. Royal Blood’s heavy sound is a great motivator and is also ideal for zoning out the other sounds at the gym…y’know, like the awful music they play and the sound of the heavy breather on the machine next to you.

So there’s just a few picks you should 100% add to your gym Spotify playlist to help keep you moving! What are your favourite workout songs?

6 responses to “Music To Move To: My Workout Picks”

  1. Eleanor May says:

    I’ll have to listen to some of these songs and playlists next time I head to the gym. Great post!

  2. Lisa says:

    Those headphones sound awesome! I could do with better ones myself for the gym. It’s so important to have ones that stay in I find mine fall out all the time!

    I love your picks, the moana soundtrack is always a winner! Dua lipa is my go to!

    • Cat says:

      They are so good, definitely worth the money…especially with the discount code! My Apple ones never stayed in, they were rubbish.

      The Moana soundtrack is so awesome, How Far I’ll Go is not only a great name for a running track, but it does make you pick up the pace!

      I can see Dua Lipa being a good choice – not my cup of tea but nice an upbeat with a build up!

  3. Pixie Rai says:

    Omg, the Moana soundtrack is fast becoming my favourite all time Disney music!! I love love love love it!

    • Cat says:

      It’s soooo good! I hadn’t listened for a while (The Greatest Showman became my obsession), so it was so good to listen again!

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