Muchos Nachos Mexican Chichester Review

muchos nachos fajitas

We’ve lived in Chichester for quite a few months now, but we only ventured to our local Mexican restaurant, Muchos Nachos, fairly recently. We knew it was there (there being about 5 minutes walk from where we live!), but it took us a while to muster the courage to try somewhere new.

Muchos Nachos is based in the Whyke part of Chichester, on a main road, and at first glance you’d assume that it was a pub. But nah. It does have a bar though, and on that bar they create a damn good Daiquiri, and an even better Mojito. But first, let’s chat food.

While I am a fan of Mexican food, it does sit fairly low on my list of OMG WANT THIS NOW cuisines. So, the first time we went to Muchos Nachos I wasn’t brimming with excitement but rather stirring with curiosity – if we want to get poetic about it.

We were seated on a small table and provided with the drinks and cocktail menu. Naturally we both went for a cocktail. Ah the beauty of being able to walk home instead of drive.

For starters, we decided to order something each and then share. I went for Pollo Croquettes (basically breaded chicken with a garlic aioli dip), and Liam picked duck chimichanga rolls. Both were pretty tasty – although having had the croquettes again since, I think the first time they were slightly overcooked!

For the main course, I went for chicken fajitas. It’s the one Mexican dish I can really get behind. Chicken, cheese, peppers, onions, salsa and sour cream in a warm wrap…what more could you want from comfort food? The Muchos Nachos edition of the fajita did not disappoint. All the ingredients tasted really fresh and not at all greasy – something I do worry about with pan-fried foods.

My only criticism, for me, was that there was a bit too much food…but it would have been perfectly portioned had we not also had starters!

Liam opted for a BBQ combo grill which was basically ALL OF THE MEAT with wedges and salad. The portion again was pretty huge, and I think Liam’s highlight was the very smoky chorizo.

muchos nachos bbq grill

Because it was a new restaurant for us, we naturally had to test drive the dessert menu as well. There’s not a lot of choice with the desserts, but we both found something we were keen to try. Liam chose a banoffee pie, and I went for some strawberry ice cream. Both were nothing to write home about but luckily we were so stuffed from the rest of the food that it barely mattered.

So let’s talk cocktails. As someone who doesn’t drink a lot of alcohol, I like a cocktail that’s nicer on the flavour rather than combining as many types of liquor as you can. I’m glad that Muchos Nachos seem to agree with that philosophy, as both the Daiquiri and Mojito tasted amazing without being overly strong with the rum. They do need a little stir before drinking, but that’s to be expected.

Given that our previous experience of Mexican food in Chichester is Wahaca, I can say with confidence that I much prefer Muchos Nachos. They are both very different in their style of Mexican food (Wahaca being more of a street food, smaller portions vibe), but Muchos Nachos also has a nicer atmosphere in its favour.

If you’re local to Chichester or ever in the area and fancy a fajita, definitely pay Muchos Nachos a visit.


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