Mr Mercedes By Stephen King Review

Mr Mercedes Stephen King Paperback Review

It’s been a little while since a book review has graced the blog! I actually finished reading this a little while ago, and didn’t get round to cobbling together my thoughts on it, but here they are!

Mr Mercedes is essentially about the relationship between an ex-cop and the killer “who got away” in his last case before the cop retired. The killer starts to taunt the cop by sending him a letter and encouraging communication in order to drive him to suicide. Needless to say, it’s rather dark!

Stephen King is better known for his horror novels, but this is more of a crime thriller. There are certainly horrific elements to it, such as the description of the Mercedes killing, as well as some other grim parts of the book (no spoilers!), but the majority of the book is more of a detective-style story with many twists and turns that really do make the story captivating.

Usually I get to a point with books where I take a long break and kind of forgot what happened and therefore don’t bother picking it back up (short attention span, much?!), but Mr Mercedes was a definite exception. I got through this pretty quickly, which is a testament to my enjoyment for sure.

I did find the ending wasn’t really what I was expecting – not necessarily a bad thing, just not what I’d expect from a novel of this sort. However, I am definitely going to be investing in the sequel Finders Keepers when it comes out in paperback! This follows some of the same characters from Mr Mercedes, but focuses around a writer and a fanatic fan…sound familiar? It definitely has ‘Misery’ vibes about it, but this only excites me more!

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  1. Michelle Outside London

    I do love a bit of Stephen King and I do love a crime thriller – this has my name all over it. Well, obviously it doesn't literally but you know…tangent alert.
    I'll give it a go on my holiday I think, I want to know if it has any spooky supernatural goings on as he tends to throw in there. Have you read Rose Madder? One of my absolute favourites of his.
    M x

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