Motivation tips

Some of you may have read my recent post all about self-improvement. If you haven’t, you can catch that here. Today, I want to talk about motivation though, which I’ve blogged briefly about before in my post about staying motivated when working from home.

Motivation can be really tough to muster, and I find it only gets tougher at this time of year because it’s cold, wet and just generally difficult to have that “get up and go” attitude. Whether you need to be motivated to work, exercise, eat healthier or whatever, I thought I’d put together a few tips that could help.

Sleep more

I find I am most motivated for a day when I go to bed early. I’m more refreshed when the dreaded alarm sounds, and I don’t have anywhere near as large of an afternoon slump. Sleeping more at night also discourages you from those cheeky afternoon naps that we’re all guilty of once in a while. As delightful as those naps are, they’re also evil because they zap your precious daytime away!

Eat and drink better

Even if your specific goal isn’t to be healthier, eating healthier foods can really help give you the necessary energy boost to get more motivated. To avoid feeling heavy and tired in the afternoon, try reducing, or avoiding carb-heavy lunches. Make sure you still eat a decent amount of food though, as getting hungry is the ultimate motivation-zapper!

Water is also brill for keeping you alert, especially with some ice as it’s really refreshing. I also find having a cup of tea to be brilliant in the morning, or late afternoon towards the end of the working day. Make sure that caffeine is being used as a boost, and not entirely fuelling your energy levels as you’re bound to crash!

Plan better

I love a good plan, and I try my best to stick to it. Whether you’re an app-fan, or partial to the traditional pen and paper, make checklists so you have the satisfaction of ticking them off. I try not to ‘cross’ things off my list as I like a record of everything (pedantic, over here), and I like to keep it all in one place.

Set goals

If motivation is the fire, goals are the fuel. It’s much easier to get motivated if you have an end-goal in mind. Don’t be afraid to also set ‘sub goals’ along the way to keep you going. For example, I’m currently trying to lose some weight, my end goal being around 1 stone. But week by week I set mini goals of how many pounds I’d like to lose that week. If I don’t hit one ‘sub goal’, I keep pushing forward to reach it the following week.

What are your best tips for getting, and staying motivated?

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  1. Amazzable

    I really enjoyed reading this post, it's a shame I can't take some of these tips on board, I am a chronic afternoon napper and my family and boyfriend are forever telling me off. Though i'll use the excuse that a teaching degree is hard work and it'll only get harder when I start teaching next week.

    As for planning, I probably should learn to plan more, I am brilliant at keeping checklists and find my academic diary a complete god send, it's helped me to keep track of anything and everything… I find highlighting stuff when it's done is a practical way of doing things as you can still see what you've written and it looks pretty!

    Amy xo

  2. Hayley- Eszti

    These are all great tips, I think they are all so important. I also think recognising our achievements big or small is important too, it helps us to see how well we are doing and that always inspires and motivates me to keep on going! Rewarding yourself for doing something well is always good too, a bit of an incentive never did any harm!


  3. Cat Fyson

    Thanks hun, glad you enjoyed it 😀 I used to afternoon-nap all the time at Uni, but now it's just not an option! You do get out of it. Best of luck when you start teaching next week 😀

    I am obsessed with lists – I have a packed notebook where I regularly make lists to check off! x

  4. Cat Fyson

    Thanks! I completely agree – I've written a post about celebrating successes before. I tend to reward myself by just being easier on myself about things! x

  5. Jessica Gonzalez

    I love tuning out to a good playlist while I work. It probably sounds strange to most as it might be hard to concentrate but it really works. It is a catalyst to helping me stay awake instead of drinking tea or coffee.

    I also love the idea of drinking iced water and when that becomes a bit plan I add a boost of flavor with mint leaves and such.

    Lovely post Cat!


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