moreaboutcat turns 2!

moreaboutcat UK lifestyle blog turns 2!

Happy birthday dear blog of mine! How glad I am that you came into my life 2 years ago with a post about The Walking Dead comics.

Whilst I’m not terribly confident I really managed to convert anyone to reading zombie comics, I am super pleased with how the blog has grown since Wednesday July 17, 2013. Not just in the number of eyeballs glancing upon my posts, but also the increased engagement from all of your lovely comments, the growth in followers on Bloglovin, and of course the number of brilliantly beautiful people that follow me on Twitter!

It’s been a wild ride – I’ve had my moments of doubts, and my flurries of inspiration. I’ve been given some amazing opportunities through blogging, from brand collaborations to blogger events where I’ve met some of you wonderful people face to face. I wouldn’t take a single thing back.

To celebrate 2 years of moreaboutcat, I thought I’d pick out some of my favourite blog posts and give them completely made up awards….enjoy!

The ‘Favourite Post To Write’ Award Goes To…
“15 Things That Most Bloggers Think About On A Weekly Basis”

I particularly enjoyed writing this post because it’s always fun putting something out there that you really relate to to see if anyone else does too! It’s one of my most commented on posts, so I think one or two of you at least agreed with it!

The ‘Favourite Post To Photograph’ Award Goes To…
“Gooey Triple Chocolate Brownies Recipe”

This is a little bit of a cheat, because I actually reshot the photos for this post, as the originals weren’t all that great! They now look a lot more scrumptious and make me want to whip up a batch of gooey chocolate heaven right now!

The ‘Longest Slog’ Award Goes To…
“The Blogger’s Guide To Google Analytics”

Whilst I did enjoy writing this post, and really appreciated the great feedback I got from other bloggers on Twitter and in the comments, this really did take a while to put together!

The ‘Biggest Fail’ Award Goes To…
“How Not To Make Shortbread”

When planning this blog post, I had the best ambitions to create some really tasty shortbread, nothing short of Pinterest-worthy would do…in the end, it didn’t quite go to plan, but hopefully it made an enjoyable post anyway!

The ‘Post I’m Most Proud Of’ Award Goes To…
“Finding Calm”

It may not be one of the longest blog posts I’ve ever done, but I’m really proud of the honesty I poured into it. It’s not easy putting yourself out there sometimes, but I even found the process of writing the post to be really calming at a time when I needed it.

And there we have it! Happy birthday little space on the Internet, I do love you so!

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